We are driven by a desire to optimize the way remote teams collaborate

We have a genuine passion for all things web, we want to create a smarter way for both businesses and individuals to manage their digital environments and ensure that they get the most out of their online workspace.

Management Team






startups launched
over the last 30 years

The core team consists of a handful of innovative individuals that have worked remotely for 10+ years, located all around the globe in Australia, Norway, France, Spain, Ukraine and the USA.


The team has an extensive internet and IT industries experience dating back to the late 1980s, including building ISPs and hosting companies, SaaS services, notable IT brands and new generic top-level domains.

Rolf Larsen


Su Wu


Jeanette Söderlund

VP of Marketing and Online brand Protection

Liliia Kepina

Customer Success Manager

Théodore Faure

VP of Product Development

Webtop.com provides secure, customizable and centralized workspaces for modern teams.

By tying together the loose ends of remote work, integrating with the most popular apps, combining the benefits, centralizing key knowledge and allowing for real cross-app/cross-team collaboration Webtop.com provides a long-term solution to the most common issues faced by business owners and managers of remote teams.

What we believe in


Because innovation is heightened in teams


Listening to team members and customers


Because productivity thrives better without clutter and noise. This is reflected not only in the way we work internally, but also in the purpose behind the product that we’re creating.


We have great respect for every person’s right to privacy and will take every measure to ensure compliance with all applicable privacy laws, not only because it’s legally required, but because we think it’s the right thing to do


The ability to accept change, adapt and learn new things along the journey in the ever-changing landscape of the tech world is crucial in order to ensure that our product provides relevant value

Long term

We aim to create a solid high-quality product, build lasting relationships and plan for long-term scale, while also allowing ourselves to acknowledge and celebrate all the small victories along the way

Grow your business

Unlock the possibilities of an easy-to-use, integrated and central collaboration hub for your team.