Security is one of our top priorities and it runs through every vein of Webtop - in our systems, our team and our offerings.

SSL Certified is SSL certified, which allows you to securely transmit confidential information over our site, and ensures that you can trust our authenticity, encryption and integrity. uses a SHA-256 RSA 2048 bit SLL certificate issued by LetsEncrypt.


SSO (Single-Sign-On) is a cloud security technology that lets users access multiple services using the same sign-in page and authentication credentials. This reduces the risk of unwanted exposure due to weak passwords, streamlines log-in processes and aids access controls.  Our SSO solution is based on the SAML standard.


The owner of a workspace can decide whether or not all users of the workspace should be forced to use MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) when logging into the service. If the owner activates MFA for their workspace all users need to verify their identity through an authenticator app or through a one time code when logging in.


All data transmitted to our servers over public networks is protected using strong encryption protocols. By using SRP, a secure augmented password-authenticated key agreement (PAKE) protocol, we are also able to ensure that no eavesdropper or man-in-the-middle can obtain any meaningful information to perform an attack.

Privacy by design

Our product and services are built with security as a top priority. We only collect information necessary to provide our services to you.

Master Password

The information stored in Webtop Password Manager is end-to-end encrypted and only you hold the key to it - your Master Password. This means that only you have access to your data and the Master Password; we can't see it or access it.

Enhancing Remote Work Security with Abuse Monitoring

Webtop will carefully monitor any links that are saved to a Webtop account in order to protect users from potentially harmful content relating to the link or to the domain name within the link. It is important to note that the monitoring is solely done to protect users from abuse such as botnet, malware and phishing - no information or data otherwise contained in the links will be saved, used, sold or otherwise kept by Webtop for any other purposes than to provide the service.

Our only goal is to protect our users from abusive links and from unknowingly spreading them. If our abuse monitor flags a link as containing botnet, malware or phishing related abuse, the user will be given the option to open the link or to cancel. Additionally, both owner and admin of a workspace where a harmful link has been detected will be notified via bell notification within the service.

Abuse scan
Your data is yours

Your Data Is Yours

You do you, and we focus on providing you with a secure and robust service.
In short - any data that you upload or add while using the service is yours, and only yours. We do not use it, share it or sell it.

Please note: If you are a Webtop user and you have any reason to suspect that your account has been compromised or is otherwise at risk - contact immediately.

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