Communication features at your fingertips

Add a chats, threads, audio and video calls to your Webtop workspace with our communication add-on


Everything in one place

Create your own digital HQ with our easy-to-use Workspace and Desktops structure.

Regain overview and feel in control with everything organized in one secure place.

Create for the modern way of working – shareable & accessible from any device, at any time!

Chat groups, channels & threads

Webtop's business chat application allows you to easily create custom groups or quick-chat with all members of a certain workspace with one click.

One-on-one chats

Collaborate better with instant access to all team members. Status indicators allows you to know if they are available or busy.

Cross-App Messaging

Elevated communication functionality removes the need to switch between various communication apps, emails and tools.

Drag, drop and share files

Share your most important assets directly to your team

Video Meetings For Remote Teams

Easily make audio and video calls with no need to install any other app

Voice and video calls on all devices with integrated chat

Send private messages to individual call participants or share links and notes during the video call through the general in-call chat.

Feature-rich full HD video conferencing

In-call features such as blurred background, individual sound controls, password protected meetings, screen sharing and video quality controls.

Breakout rooms

Run efficient classes, events, and workshops with Breakout Groups.


Keep your calls fun with live emoji reactions and make better decisions as a team with polls.

Grow your business

Unlock the possibilities of an easy-to-use, integrated and central collaboration hub for your team.