Team Password Manager & Security

Navigate your apps securely and seamlessly without repeated login barriers password manager overview
All your passwords in one place

Save and share your passwords securely

Stay organized and secure all your accounts by saving passwords in Webtop's encrypted vault. Share work passwords with team members without compromising security.
Autofill passwords on every webpage

Access & apply passwords when you need them

The Webtop Browser Extension will store and suggest your passwords so that you can select and apply them seamlessly.
Import all your existing passwords into's Vault

Import all your existing passwords easily

Already using another password manager app, or just the browser, and looking to consolidate or save money? Import all your existing passwords into Webtop with just one click!

Available on all devices & chrome browsers

Get Webtop apps for Android, iOS & iPadOS, as well as the Browser Extension to collaborate and move seamlessly between tools from any device - even on the go.