Workspaces & Desktops

Create an organized, shareable space for every need, team or project

All your passwords in one place

Get organized with Desktops

Organize tools, links and conversations into separate Desktops - one for every need, team or project. Easily distribute access to each Desktop to relevant team members or partners. password manager on all devices and browser

Easily switch between Workspaces

Stay on top of your different digital workspaces in a single view. Get Workspace-specific notifications in your account's top bar and seamlessly switch to a different virtual workspace to act on it.

Recent and favorites

Stay on track by being able to pick right back up where you left off.

Powerful search

Search across all your content, apps, chats, integrations and meetings. Find anything you need in no time without leaving your digital workspace software

Bridge the gap between your favorite apps, devices and teams by bringing it all into one central solution.