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Customization and New Lower Price!

November 2, 2022

Better product AND better pricing!


In our mission to centralize and streamline collaboration and work online, it’s important to consider that needs vary across different teams. Because of that, we’re now introducing the ability to completely turn on or off the communication suite. Read on to learn more!

Psst. In last month’s Newsletter we announced app integrations for OneDrive and Hubspot, global sidebar menu updates and much more. If you missed it - check it out here!

Centralize & Streamline With

One thing is certainly true for modern teams - the number of apps used and content stored online is continuously increasing. This is especially painful for those involved in more than one project or business.

This is why our connected workspaces and desktop structure, with cross-app functionality such as global search and shareability, sits at the center of the service. It allows you to:

  • Get and maintain overview
  • Limit context switching throughout the workday
  • Centralize access and security
  • Increase a sense of control and organize scattered resources

This is true regardless of your communication tool preference.

Because of this, and in order to further build and expand on these benefits, the following change will be made:

Optional Chat & Video Feature

It’s no secret that many teams already rely on various communication tools (e.g. Slack, Zoom, Meet and others). In order for the core benefits of to be more clearly available to all teams, the communication suite will be made optional. That is, you can decide for yourself if you wish to turn that function on, or to have it disabled.

-This choice is made during account creation, and can easily be changed later on within the Settings menu.

- Chat and video will remain enabled for existing customers, but can be turned off in the Settings menu.

Learn more here.

NEW Lower Price: USD $5/user/month!

We’re lowering the price for your account to $5 per user per month. This new price will apply to both new and existing users. The new price will be applied to your next invoice.

What’s Next?

As always, we’ll continue to refine and take care of the current functionality. In addition to that, the future roadmap will in the long term primarily focus on two things:

#1 App integrations & expanded global search - more, faster & better, to allow you to instantly find what you need among apps, links and other content from a single location.

#2 Additional cross-app benefits to make your digital life less distracting, easier to manage and overall more streamlined. Stay tuned.


Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and smaller updates, such as:

- General mobile app UI improvements

-Scheduled invites will take into account daylight savings

-Browser extension enhancements

-Export/copy links

-General bug fixes and performance improvement

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