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Webop.com Browser Extension: Explored

September 26, 2022

At this point, you probably know what browser extensions are. If you need a recap, check out this post. From simple modifications to major improvements, browser extensions can have a real impact on your online experience. Desktop.com’s browser extension comes with features and benefits that will improve the way you and your team work online. 

Here’s what you need to know about browser extensions and Desktop.com.

What is a Browser Extension?

A browser extension is a single piece of software program that allows users to customize and improve their web browsing experience by connecting their favorite apps to their browser activity. In other words, it allows you to add tools (like the eyedropper tools, for example) to add functionality to your browser and connect it to a specific app.

How to Install the Desktop.com Browser Extension 

Installing the Desktop,com browser extension is simple! Head to your Chrome-based browser’s web store, and search for the Desktop.com browser extension. Alternatively, simply find it here. Once it pulls up, click on it and select “Add” to add it to your browser. Add the extension, and the plugin will begin installing. Once completed, you can head to your toolbar at top, find the extension, and begin using it!

What to do with the Desktop.com Browser Extension

The Desktop.com browser extension lets you direct-save links straight from the browser to any  Desktop within your workspace. Users can share and store information with teams, and keep content organized with tags and folders without needing to leave the browser.

The extension also includes a vault where you can add new passwords that you can later select and apply to a login seamlessly. Generate secure passwords based on your preferences, and unlock the vault for teams so users can switch between passwords when needed.

Benefits to the Browser Extension

Using the extension does more than just provide a few cool features and connect your Desktop.com workspace to the browser. When working on projects with your team, the extension is handy for research. You can share and store research directly from your browser to your team workspace where everyone can find it. Passwords can be generated and applied, and you reduce the time switching between tabs or apps.

All-in-all, the browser extension makes for a more focused, and delightful online work experience.

Get the Desktop.com Browser Extension Today

Downloading the Desktop.com browser extension is a convenient, safe way to streamline your online work experience. Download our browser extension today to get started!

Want to learn even more about the Desktop.com browser extension? Head to our website to learn more!

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