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Use Case: Laurian Lamba

October 5, 2023

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Laurian Lamba, I am originally from Romania, but currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work at Ericsson, as an Agile Product Owner, with focus on Internet of Things and Connected Vehicles.

How did you hear about

I don’t recall my first interaction with but it was definitely before the launch in March 2021.

What do you primarily use for? 

I use to organize my personal working space. For example, have easy access to my most accessed URL addresses.

What is your favorite feature of

I think the feature that impressed me the most since I first saw the product is the UI - clean, modern and easy to use. Also, the newly added dark theme is highly appreciated!

If you could suggest a change/improvement/new functionality to the service, what would that be? 

New functionality: it would be nice to be able to add local installed apps as well, and not only web-based ones
Improvement: when opening apps in the “current tab” it’s difficult to return to the main desktop sometimes

You were recently picked as the winner of an gift card for participating in our user survey - what are you going to buy for the money?

I will probably invest it in some lighting equipment for my photo/video hobby, or maybe some toys for my kids.

Finally, tell everyone where to find you on social media! 

LinkedIn: Laurian Lamba | LinkedIn

Instagram: Laurian Lamba (@laurianlamba)

Thank you Laurian!

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