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Brand New Design & More Powerful Search 💯

April 19, 2022

Last month changed the game for working and managing teams on the go thanks to the launch of our iPhone/iPad and Android apps. This month’s exciting release boosts navigation and clarity to let you stay on top of it all with brand new design and more powerful global search. 

Let’s have a look!

New Design with Easier Navigation and Workspace Control

The new design makes it easier to navigate within and across your workspaces in a focused way while still providing you with an unparalleled and instant overview!

The new sleeker design includes a new left side panel with the following icons:

  • Desktops. This icon will unfold a panel with an overview of all desktops in the workspace
  • All chats. By removing the permanent panel showing the desktops, other views are given more space and simplifying the view.
  • All meetings and calls.
  • Password manager. 

The workspace selector has been moved to the top bar, where you’ll be able to easily switch between workspaces, as well as get notified whenever you have unread notifications in another workspace than the one you are currently in.

Go check it out and let us know what you think!

💬 Chat view

Chat bubbles have been removed and font size slightly increased for improved readability and better use of screen real estate. 

Powerful Global Search - Search Across EVERYTHING’s powerful asynchronous global search allows you to instantly search across all workspace apps, links, chats, meetings and integrations at once. Faster, sharper and more detailed! Get results quicker and see the number of search results found in each category right as they are found - that is, no waiting, just search for anything across everything and get stuff done!

“I’m On A Call” - Work Efficiently Across Multiple Workspaces

Do you own, or are a member of, more than one workspace? If so, you’ll be happy to know that call badges (i.e. the little 📞 icon that appears next to your name whenever you are in a call) will now be visible across all workspaces that you are a member of. 

This will prevent calls from two separate workspaces at the same time, minimize the need to clarify to team members that you are on a call, allow you to focus on the call you’re currently in and overall improve the way you can work efficiently across several connected workspaces. 

Breakout Rooms For Calls & Video Conferences 

We now support Breakout rooms for conferencing. Need a quick 1 on 1, or smaller group session? Breakout rooms allow you to easily splinter a meeting up in smaller rooms and for participants to switch between them. Ideal for group work and brainstorming sessions.  

Make $$$ with’s Affiliate Program

We’ve officially launched our Affiliate Program in partnership with! Who better to share the word than someone that’s already familiar with the service (you!) - now you can even make some money while doing it. 

Learn more about how to sign up to become an affiliate HERE

💎 Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and smaller updates, such as:

🔔 Notification sync enhancements

🔐 General password manager improvements

⚙️ Overall performance improvement

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