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June 2, 2021

April Update

A crucial part for anyone collaborating with others online is communication. In our continuous work to streamline and centralize the way we all access, manage and interact with our various tools and connections online, this month’s update will allow Slack and users to conveniently chat with each other. And it’s only the beginning, more integrations will follow.

In our two previous updates, we revealed the full HD voice call, video conferencing and Password Manager. Today, we’re excited to announce our Slack integration, chat with guests and many more general improvements.

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Slack Integration

Everyone has their preferred means of communication online, and keeping track of which tool to use for which partner or client can over time require more of our focus than it should - email, chat apps, Zoom, Meet, phone calls, text messages, in-app threads, and so on.

What if, instead of switching between various apps and several subscriptions, you could simply have it all in one place and stay within your preferred tool? Well, we’re almost there. Now, you can use to easily reach and chat with Slack users, right from within your chat, without them needing to leave Slack or create a account themselves. Similarly, you don’t need to create a Slack account to chat with them. Invite Slack users to a group chat or a direct chat. See their online status, chat and exchange files.

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Invite Guests To Your Group Chat

You are now able to invite anyone (yes, anyone!) to participate in group chats on How? In the chat, simply head to the invite field and type in the email address of the person that you would like to join the chat. That person will then receive an email with a link that allows them to join the chat through one of the following options:

  1. Log in with their or Slack account, or
  2. Create a guest user account.

If they choose to create a guest account they will be guided through a quick signup wizard after which they will be directed to the chat.


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Schedule Meetings

The ability to spontaneously “jump on a call” can be great, but often, you’ll need to carve out time and sync your availability with other people’s. Our voice and video call functionality has been improved with the ability to:

  • schedule and invite others to individual future meetings
  • schedule and invite others to recurring meetings

Participants will also be taken to a new lobby screen prior to entering into a call or meeting.

Other Updates & Improvements

This latest release also includes several improvements, such as

  • Pasting and downloading images in chat
  • Free accounts can now invite unlimited guest users
  • Improved search functionality for chats
  • Meeting lobby for external users
  • Updated My Profile page as well as to user profile view pop-up
  • Improved date & time display and mentions for chats
  • Increased app support for Password Manager
  • Added criteria for more relevant guest user visibility in People list
  • Improvement in browser extension regarding master password
  • Channel chats in chronological order

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