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A smarter collaborative way to use links, bookmarks, and more!

November 17, 2021

Say hello to new exciting functionality! 

Let’s cut to the chase - this month’s update: 

  • Cuts down your transit time navigating between tasks, tools and information
  • Takes your saved links to the next level of usefulness
  • Lets you consume shared content without disruption

How? Let’s take a look.

New Way to Collaborate With Links & Bookmarks

A lot of important knowledge and information is not stored in your own Dropbox or Google Drive. In fact, much of it is found across the web and randomly shared in various communication channels. But in order to actually make use of the great data and content in those articles, checklists and other online sources, we’ve created a better way to manage it.

In addition to being able to import, organize and securely share collections of links within, you’re now also able to:

  • Preview and in some cases edit its content - stay in context, stay focused
  • Comment, leave a note and tag people on a specific link - let people know what needs to be done, how and when
  • See a timeline of events relating to the link, such as who added it, who has commented and edited it and so on - makes it easier to follow up with the right person 
  • Get an instant overview of all events, tags, comments and edits straight from the link preview - makes it easier to make quick decisions on what needs to be removed, escalated or revisited.

Notion & Dropbox Integration

With our latest integrations, Notion and Dropbox, you are able to launch yourself straight to the content you’re looking for, right from the search bar in your dashboard. Spend less time switching views and looking through different interfaces, and more time getting things done. 

Last month, we added Jira, Asana, Trello and Google Drive integrations. With each added integration, you’ll be able to get a better overview and create the ultimate control central for your entire online worklife. Want to make sure we integrate with a specific app? Send us an integration request with the name of the app to:

To learn more about App integrations, click here!

To learn how to set up integrations for your own account, click here!

Custom Integrations

Want to add your own custom integration? Admins for Pro accounts are now able to do that by creating incoming webhooks in chat.

Learn more here!

Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and updates, such as:

  • New media and link previews in chat - watch it right then and there without leaving the platform.
  • Improved responsiveness of the mobile version of the web app.
  • Improvements to global search: now search across all workspace content or integrations, filter by apps, links, chats and meetings. Remember recent searches.
  • Saved drafts in chat. From now on drafts are persistent in each chat. Write a little, chill a little. It's all waiting for you once you are ready to pick up again. 

What's next?

We are already working hard on the next major product updates. In the next release, before the new year, users can look forward to:

  • Native mobile apps for Android, iOS and iPadOS
  • A new feature-packed version of the password manager with options to import passwords
  • Many new app integrations
  • Many more large and small updates to the service - stay tuned to learn more details.

Catch Up

A lot has happened within the app lately. Did you miss any of the latest announcements? Catch up on all new features and functionality upgrades to make sure you get the most out of your account: 

New integrations, support for multiple Google accounts & much more!

Chat threads and dark mode are here!

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