Service Updates for iPhone/iPad & Other January Updates

February 1, 2022

Say HELLO to iPhone and iPad app!

Last month, we were happy to introduce the launch of the app for Android. Now, we can gladly say that the for iOS and iPadOS has gotten final approval and is available for download! 

All your online content and conversations - right in your pocket 📱

So what are you waiting for? Get the app for iOS, iPadOS and Android today!

Accessing & managing your workspaces on the go has never been easier:

🔔 Enjoy improved notifications 

🔋Boosted overall app performance

📂Get a cleaner and more focus-friendly homescreen by keeping apps in Webtop

🔐Access work related tools, convos & assets securely even from mobile thanks to MFA and SSO

🌎Remain organized and maintain overview regardless where you are

🤹‍♀️ Convenient iPadOS split-screen view

Other Updates This Month

In addition to the mobile awesomeness above, we’ve also worked on several other improvements and smaller updates to make the overall experience better, such as:

💬 New image preview in chat

🔎 Boosted global search performance 

🔗 New apps and categories added to the App Store

🔐 Improved way to unlock Password Manager vaults

🔐 Better app matching for passwords using Password Manager

⚙️ Various UI and backend improvements

📞 Improved indication when Slack user is on call 

Sneak Peak

Exciting things are on the horizon. 

New designs to improve the way you navigate within the app, value-adding new functionality, performance enhancements and other news are just around the corner – all with one common purpose: to create the ultimate centralized control center for online work. 

Stay tuned. 

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Thank You!

As always, thank you for your continued support of We hope to continue to provide you with new features that will benefit you the most. Until next time!

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