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August Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

You're the genius

After a successful launch last month our community has grown significantly and we can happily say that the solution has proven to be both good and reliable. But, we won’t stop here. We’ve gotten lots of useful feedback that we are now incorporating into the development plans and we welcome even more of it.

Got suggestions on new features? Ideas on how to make the user experience even better? Something we need to improve? This is how we grow - by constantly improving the value that we bring to you. So, shoot us a message through the chatbot or email us at and let us know your thoughts!


Welcome “Timeline”. With this exciting feature you will now be able to see and interact with your past activity on any desktop.

Timeline All Desktops

You are now able to backtrack, and get an overview of, events such as when apps and links were added or used by yourself. Your own activity will only be visible on your own timeline, except for when you add or remove apps/links in a shared desktop, in which case users of that shared desktop will get notified. Similarly, your timeline will not show when another user opens or uses a certain app, it will only tell you when an app/link is added or removed to a desktop that you are a user of.

Timeline is searchable which makes it easy to find past events and activities.

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How to add the icon to your device

Did you know that you can launch straight from your home screen or desktop without opening the browser? We have recently added the "install me" feature, which will conveniently add the icon to your device for quick access. This feature is currently supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Additional browsers will be supported in the near future.

It’s super easy to set up, head to our Help Center and we’ll tell you how.

App Store update

We recently added more than 600 new web apps to our App Store. After the recent update, the App Store now has more than 1000 integrated apps and is growing weekly.

We are constantly on the lookout for new exciting web apps, so if you think we are missing a good one, please send us an email to with the name and link to the app that you think we should add.

Why try

Our mission is to improve the way web tools are used and accessed. By providing an easy-to-use service that is suitable for both professional and personal use, we want to ensure that you reap all the benefits that web-based resources can offer.

Our journey includes a smarter way to manage, share and collaborate on links, Single-Sign-On for small businesses, sharable Desktops and efficient access controls, our own App Store for web apps with discovery functions and much more.

Lastly, but most importantly - we’re thankful that you’re a part of the community. Click here to pick a plan and create your account!

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