The Top 3 Ways to Share Links and Bookmarks Online with Coworkers

October 6, 2022

Bookmarks are great, but it can be difficult to organize and share them with the rest of your team. Fortunately, there are some ways it can be done. Here are the top three ways to share links and bookmarks online with coworkers so that everyone can easily find, access and use important information and articles efficiently. 

1) Export Bookmarks as an HTML File

Bundling bookmarks into an HTML file is a convenient way to easily share all your favorite links with friends or colleagues in just a few clicks. You can find this function in the settings of your browser to export bookmarks and share across different platforms. In Chrome, here are some steps you can take to share your bookmarks.

1. Open Chrome on desktop

2. Click on the menu with the three dots at the top right

3. Go to bookmarks and then Bookmark Manager

4. In the opened tab, click "Export bookmarks" to the right of the search bar

5. Choose Save

Now you have all of your bookmarks stored on a single html file. All that's left to do is share with your coworkers and then they can access the different bookmarks and links that you've saved on your computer.

2) Share Links Manually

This can be useful if you don’t want to share your entire collection of bookmarks, but only a small selection. This method gives you more control over what links and bookmarks different coworkers or friends have access to, rather than making them sift through a bunch of bookmarks that aren't relevant. The one drawback is that you won't be able to bulk export your chosen bookmarks in one go. Instead, you'll need to copy the web link and add them to a separate document that you can share. Here's how you can do it in Chrome:

1. Open Chrome on desktop

2. Click on the menu with the three dots at the top right

3. Go to bookmarks and then Bookmark Manager

4. Click on a link to select it. Hold down CTRL and click on other links to select more than one

5. Click on the three dots next to a link and choose copy

6. Copy over the links to a new document or email and share with friends and coworkers

And just like that, you can now easily share select bookmarked links with people online.

3) Use a Browser Extension

The two options above work, but they sure aren’t very modern or streamlined. However, browser extensions (like are extremely useful for those who work in a team on a joint project. You can direct-save links straight from the browser to a select Desktop or folder within your workspace to efficiently share & store information with your teams all while keeping the content separated and organized. Other team members can also share their own bookmarks with you via this route so your collection will always remain synchronized. Here's how you can use the browser extension.

1. Get yourself a account and get the browser extension via the  Chrome web Store

2. Click Add to Chrome

3. Open the app

4. Navigate to the Desktops and select a desktop you want to work with. Click the +Add content button

5. Select Import from browser option

6. Click the the Import from browser button

7. Click the Skip to links button on the bottom

8. Select links you want to add: you can import a whole folder or choose separate links

9. Click the Import selected links button to add them to your desktop

10. Bonus tip: Add tags to your saved links to make them even easier to find.

You may also add new links and bookmarks as you go, easily adding them to your select workspace and link folder straight from the browser.

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