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Is Your Online Workspace Secure? 3 Things to Look For!

September 16, 2021

Being able to work from anywhere sure has its perks! That said, most networks don’t have the same kind of security that traditional office networks have. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself inviting malware, hackers, or other threats to your online workspace.

So what can you do to keep your network secure? Here are the 3 things you should do to make sure your online workspace is safe to use!

1. Is Your Software Up-to-date?

Hesitant about updating your devices? Don’t be! Software updates are typically a response to new vulnerabilities in the system. When an operating system becomes outdated, your device isn’t secure against known threats. That’s why many major companies are constantly pushing out updates, so that their products remain effective in blocking any viruses that could potentially harm your information. 

By delaying any software updates, you are unnecessarily putting your devices and network at risk of a cyberattack. Keep your software updated, especially your work devices, so that you can continue to access important files and share information with clients and team members without having to worry about being breached.

2. Do You Have Two-Factor Authentication Set Up?

For some time now, multi-factor authentication (MFA), has been implemented in many of the tools and software applications we use today. Multi-factor authentication is an extra layer of sign-in security. When it’s enabled, users must enter a verification code from a device or email, that lets the software know that the person is who they say they are. 

By having you and your team set up MFA, you’ll keep tight security on your online workspace.

3. Are You Using Strong and Unique Passwords?

With so many tools and apps we have at our disposal, it’s easy to get into the habit of recycling the same password for everything. Even if you use relatively strong passwords, using the same one over and over puts you and your team at a huge risk of a data breach. If even one of your accounts is hacked, it can expose your information from all of your other accounts, like social media, banking, email and more.

For each account, use a different and unique password that contains at least 12 characters. Using a reliable password manager makes it easy to track all of your passwords, without needing to constantly remember each one.

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