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Letter from the CEO: Rolf Larsen

March 2, 2021

We’re extremely excited to finally share the market ready version of Desktop.com with our loyal early access users and with the world.

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Our journey began in October 2019. We spent months doing research and developing product specifications and prototypes, followed by a full year of additional development. During this time, we launched an early access version of the service in order to gain some real user experience and feedback, while we continuously worked on adding and improving features.

It became clear to us that Desktop.com could, and should, play an important role in connecting the dots of remote work, by creating connections and bridging the gaps between existing tools and ways to collaborate online. We realized that by creating an overarching and unifying environment, we can give individuals and teams alike a device-independent, reliable, accessible and organized access point to their digital work life.

The long hours and hard work of everyone in the team together with our brilliant partners finally resulted in the current Desktop.com service - a service that we are very proud to share with you all today.

But make no mistake - this is not the end destination. Development and innovation never stops, and I’m excited for the year ahead together with new and old members of the Desktop.com community. Your experience and feedback is as important as ever, so never hesitate to reach out with any thoughts to feedback@desktop.com We are improving the way we access and work online, together.

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In this day and age, it’s also worth noting that protecting our users’ privacy is a top priority for us. This means that we are not building Desktop.com to be a staff-monitoring tool or a modern employee time clock. We strongly believe that trusted teams perform the best. That said, the overview and app management functionality that we provide is important. Companies that use Desktop.com will enjoy much better and highly valuable insights into the overall usage of online tools within the company than before, while giving each team member the full insight into their own usage.

Desktop.com is the missing macro platform that gathers all your online tools and resources in  context defined workspaces. Please join our journey towards the goal of making online and remote work better for everyone.


Rolf Larsen

CEO and founder Desktop.com

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