Use Cases

Use Case: Pitching a New Client

September 9, 2020


Alfred, the Architect, is at a prospective client’s office to pitch them on a new building design. His team fully prepared Alfred for success, providing him with an organized file that includes: a presentation, supporting documents, and links to reference material on their company’s document storage system accessible only through a virtual private network (VPN). Alfred arrives 15-minutes early to set up his presentation in the client’s boardroom and make sure everything is working properly.

Alfred opens his laptop and tries to connect to his company’s VPN and is plagued by an unrelenting error message: Error #12aB62-2: Unable to establish a secure connection. After very long minutes of troubleshooting, there’s no solution and Alfred is unable to access the brilliant presentation that their team had prepared.

Without any other option, Alfred is forced to improvise his presentation with documents that will not do justice to his beautiful project. No matter what the reasons are, to appear unprepared never puts a positive light on professional abilities.

Back at the office, while searching for solutions to not have to experience the same kind of situation again, one of Alfred’s teammates tells him about a new, online startup that helps keep companies connected anywhere & everywhere they go with any internet connection:  

How Helps would have been able to help Alfred by being accessible through any internet connection, not just his secure VPN.

To better prepare for the future, Alfred created a shared desktop for the client, where all of the team's web tools, links, and documents for this new project are conveniently saved and organized. This way, everyone in the team can access the resources at any time from anywhere, regardless if they’re out of the office, in the office, or their individual device breaks down – easily access the Desktop from your phone, tablet, or any new device.  

Through our pre-populated apps, you’re able to quickly connect an existing account and easily access your information through a secure single sign-on.

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add a link to anything, anywhere, and rename it to best suit your team.

Concerned about information security? Don’t be, there’s no data that is hosted directly on!

How Works

Now that we've put forth a real-world scenario, told you about, and have your attention; here's how works to save the day for Alfred the Architect.

1) Add New Users

After completing your registration, start by adding new users to your Desktop! is a collaboration tool and collaboration can't happen alone. All you have to provide is an email address and the sign-up process will take care of the rest. app how to add new users

2) Add Your Apps

Let's not forget to build out our Desktop. Browse through hundreds of different apps from across the SaaS space and add them directly to your Desktop with the click of a button. Keep in mind that every user you invite to the Desktop can access these apps and use them to their full potential. The best part? Through user permissions, you can control who is able to add and remove apps with the click of a button. app how to add apps

3) Branch Out with Additional Desktop's

Managing team resources is a breeze with Create new Desktop's for each team, department, or division to best manage their unique requirements. Think of it as a separate knowledge base for that specific group: Accounting won't use the exact same tools as HR, so why store them in the same place? app how to add desktops

4) Manage Your Links

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add a link to anything, anywhere, and rename it to best suit your team. Our favorite function? You can sort links directly into a folder structure that works best for your team - keeping everyone organized and on the same page. app how to manage links

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