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Key Features Added To PW Manager, New Access Controls & More!

July 13, 2022

We want to make it even easier to find information quickly and to streamline the way users are added and access settings are managed. That’s why this month we’re focusing on giving you quicker access to everything you need.

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Granular Search 

Users love the powerful asynchronous global search that is built into and that allows you to instantly search across all workspace apps, links, chats, meetings and integrations at once. It’s an unbeatable way to get instant overview and direction across a large amount of data. 

We’re introducing a more granular layer of our search: the in-chat search. It provides a more spearheaded search for those situations when you already know which chat a piece of information is stored. Less scrolling, and more time finding important information.

Browser Extension - Add To Vault Suggestion

The new secure vaults within the Browser Extension that was recently launched connects Password Manager to the browser. Get a list of suggested passwords, easily apply them right then and there in the browser and even create new ones. 

We’re also adding the ability for the Browser Extension to auto detect when login credentials used in the browser haven’t yet been stored in your Password Manager. When a new set of credentials are detected, you’ll get notified and asked if you’d like to save the credentials. Convenient and straight-forward. 

This way, you’ll ensure that you store your important passwords in one secure location, as opposed to having them scattered between browser storage, smartphone keychain and other password tools.  

Invite Users & Manage Detailed Access Settings In One Place

In order to make it easier to add users to a Desktop and at the same time ensure that they get the proper access settings, we’re adding a convenient new menu under the +Add User button on each Desktop. 

Simply type in the email address or name of an existing user or guest user and select their access level. 

In-App Updates 

Until now, we’ve primarily provided news and updates, tips and tricks, as well as other useful information via this email newsletter. We get it though, sometimes the inbox gets too demanding and time too limited. 

That’s why we’re now introducing in-app announcements whenever we launch a new feature or have other relevant information to share.

This will allow the updates to reach you in a more appropriate context and ensure that you get the most possible value out of your account by being aware of the latest functionality. 

Onboarding: Add New User From Your Microsoft Contacts

Adding new members to your workspace should be a breeze. We’ve now added the ability to connect to and import your Microsoft contacts both during the account creation process, as well as from the workspace settings inside the app. 

Changes to the Free Plan

The Free Plan is intended for personal use, whereas the Pro Plan is intended for professional use and teams. In order to better ensure that the right users end up on the appropriate plan, 4 main adjustments will be made to the Free Plan. The changes relate to the number of Desktops, members, guests and call participants that is included in the plan. 

Changes will go into effect in July 2022. A separate more detailed email will be sent to all existing free plan users, and all changes will be reflected on the pricing page on the website shortly. 

💎 Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and smaller updates, such as:

📱 NEW versions of iOS & Android apps available today - make sure to update yours!

📆 Calendar icons added to scheduled meeting list for better overview

🌎 Updated ‘save to Desktop’-structure in Browser Extension

💬 Improved chat results in global search  

🔗 Backend enhancements for better app integrations 

💬 Added preview support for Microsoft Office documents 

⚙️ Overall performance improvement

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