How To Organize Your Digital Life in 2022

January 6, 2022

Picture this: during 2020-2021, you were busy testing new apps, collecting and producing various documents, and saving bookmarks across your devices. All of those things probably served a purpose at one point in time, but much of it will more than likely just turn into digital clutter that won’t really be used again. 

So, if you’re in need of a digital deep clean, now is the time to do it! By starting fresh, you can improve productivity, save computer storage, and have a healthy mind set for the new year. Here’s how you can start cleaning up your devices and digital life.

Remove Those Pesky Subscriptions

2021 was the year to try a bunch of new programs and ideas! While it was all fun, it’s time to look back on everything you’ve tried…and maybe forgot about!

Take inventory of all the subscriptions you created last year, and write down the pros and cons of each one. Were they effective? Do you use them frequently? Are they helpful? If you answered no, then it’s time to let those subscriptions go. That way you can start on a clean slate and save some money during 2022, all while making room for new and better services.

Clean Out Your Homescreen

Tired of looking at those loose files, app icons and programs on your homescreen? Well now’s the perfect time to clean up your space! Digital organization is a great way to make your space clean and functional. Too much clutter can actually cause you to feel anxious and affect your work performance.

Move your files into the right folders in your drive, tuck all those app icons into one organizational app, and delete unnecessary documents or programs to give your home screen some breathing room. 

While you’re at it, take the time to locate bookmarks and links saved in various places. When remembering you saved a link or had a bookmark for a certain page, it can be frustrating when it’s not saved in the location you think it is. Create a designated location where you can store saved links and bookmarks, to make it easier to find for future access!

Organize Your Emails

Emails can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with. When you have a full inbox, or too many unread messages, it can feel overwhelming to go through and clean out what you need and don’t need. By cleaning out your email, and setting boundaries, you can actually bump up your productivity level by 31%

Start by removing and unsubscribing from any emails or newsletters that you no longer have any interest in. Then, create categories to organize relevant emails you need to go back to, that way it’s easier to find it all in one place. Platforms like Google have an easy-to-use category management tool that lets you easily tag and keep track of specific emails.

Gain Control of the Cloud

Cloud based services and business applications have taken off in recent years, making it easier for teams to store their collective information into one place. You can even create secure, distinctive folders between projects, departments and personal items without constantly needing to update content every day.

Simply save links and bookmarks to the appropriate folder or create a sub-folder, and then tag the content to be able to easily find what you need when you need it. This way, you’ll know exactly where everything is and save yourself (and your team) some time!

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