How to Collaborate with Multiple Partners, Teams, and Clients Online

March 22, 2023

Like any businesses, remote businesses rely on collaborating with multiple partners, teams, and clients to achieve their goals and objectives. With so many people involved in a project remotely, it can be difficult to make sure everyone works together smoothly and efficiently. To help you out, here are five tips that will help you collaborate with multiple partners, teams, and clients online.

1. Make yourself available

As an entrepreneur you can’t be everywhere at once. But now that remote work has solidified its place in the 21st century, you can have an overview of everything that's going on right from your desk. That also means more questions are bound to be asked.

That’s why it’s important to stay available for questions about a project with everyone involved. An online workspace bridges the relationship between your team, clients and partners, making it easier for people to contact you. This way you avoid delays due to communication issues, and if something does come up that's urgent, you're kept in the loop and can answer as needed to keep the project going. Use communication tools that allow you to create channels for different projects so that each group has their own dedicated place to communicate and share information.

2. Establish an open line of communication

Communication is key to collaboration. If you can’t talk to your partner and clients freely, how can you expect to get your work done in a timely fashion? Establish communication lines that are available at all times.

Opt to have as many communication channels available as possible: video call apps, chat messaging, email, or phone calls. There’s no need to pick one over another when two or more will do. Have as many options as your team can manage, that way you're available to your clients in a way that works best for them. Just make sure everyone on your team has access to whatever line you choose, and try to be fairly consistent so you don’t spread related messages over multiple channels at once. 

3. Work in an organized way

Whether you’re working with a full team of co-founders and freelancers or just trying to get a project off the ground with a partner, keeping your organization in check is key. Files and links can quickly become chaotic if you don't have clear organizational policies in place amongst your team. After all, everyone works and thinks a little differently.

Regardless of how you're sharing your apps, links or docs, it’s important to keep track of all of your correspondence in one place. That way you can always find what you need when you need it. (No more searching through old emails!) Dedicated apps allow people across different workspaces to work together and share access to what you need. With just a single tool, you can organize your whole business. Who doesn't want that?

4. Know your priorities

If you’re working with multiple partners, teams, or clients at the same time—whether on internal projects or client work—you’ll want to prioritize based on your goals. If you need to get something completed as quickly as possible in order to launch a product, for example, it may be wise to defer less urgent projects until later. Otherwise, your team could burn out from being pulled in too many directions.

Likewise if you have more than one team each responsible for different products, then you should decide how important these are to launching them - are they the key priority? Or should the priority be other non-related projects? Either way, knowing your priorities will help everyone focus on the right things first and streamline communication rather than doing everything at once which often leads nowhere!

5. Get people involved

Communication can be the difference between success and failure when working with a team of people. If you don’t have the right people in place to communicate during your project, it can fail quickly. Make sure you have all the necessary players in place—from designers to developers to support staff, and even your clients!

It’s important to know that 75% of virtual teams worldwide say that remote collaboration allowed them to be more effective in their jobs! Remote collaboration means there's a less likely chance your team will get lost in translation, and you can focus more on pushing ahead on the project. Make sure you implement the best communication practices to lead your team to a communicate successfuly. When you have all your information organized with your crew, it makes it easier to quickly get questions answered. Give it a shot!

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