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Use Case: Onboarding New Employees

September 24, 2020


Onboarding employees have been happening for well over 50 years. With the rise of corporate structures and government compliance, onboarding has transformed into a tedious and complicated job that utilizes many different forms and online systems.

The responsibility of all of this standardization and compliance falls on the shoulders of the already taxed Human Resources department, who’s usually in charge of documenting and maintaining all of these sensitive and often-times government-regulated information. Trying to keep up with all of the required documents, changing versions, and internal tracking systems is a nightmare. Let alone having to stay up-to-date with it all, provide it to new employees, and keep everything organized and easy to find.

Between all of the printing, manual and online filing, switching between systems,  and sending/receiving links between employees in an email, there are not many flexible solutions.

Check out this new, highly-flexible connectivity tool that doesn’t slow your team down? Look no further than!

How Helps allows your entire company or team to access, manage, and update all of their necessary tools, documents, and information all from the same centralized place. Through our pre-populated apps, you’re able to quickly connect an existing account and easily access your information through a convenient single sign-on process.

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add a link to anything, anywhere, and rename it to best suit your team.

Concerned about information security? Don’t be, there’s no data that is hosted directly on!

How Works

Now that we've put forth a real-world scenario, told you about, and have your attention; here's how works to streamline not only the onboarding process, but many internal processes and repetitive tasks.  

1) Use Your Links

The best way to keep important documents, critical links, and vital resources organized is through the use of Links on With the help of folders, keeping everything organized is even easier. Simply drag-and-drop links into the designated folder and it's categorized. app how to add links

2) Use Your Apps

Let's not forget to build out our Desktop. Browse through hundreds of different apps from across the SaaS space and add them directly to your Desktop with the click of a button. Keep in mind that every user you invite to the Desktop can access these apps and use them to their full potential. app how to add apps

3) Update and Manage Links

Critical update to one of your resources? Don't worry. With it's easy to change the URL, name, or tags on a link with a few simple clicks. You can even re-organize links within folders in a breeze, just drag-and-drop the link from one folder to another. app how to update links

4) Manage Permissions

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add or remove Members from certain Desktop's. The best part? Through these user permissions, you can control who is able to add and remove apps with the click of a button. app how to manage permissions

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