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Desktop.com Will Change the Way You Work Online

March 2, 2021

A complete remote team solution and digital work life organizer, Desktop.com® launches into the global Software as a Service (SaaS) market with fiercely competitive functionality. Taking aim at solutions for remote teams, Desktop.com offers industry-leading access, organization and management for business applications, online content and more. It even delivers HD video conferencing and chat tools for total team collaboration — all in a revolutionary, new digital office.

Desktop.com amplifies momentum for the way teams work today. Cloud-based with every app, link bookmark and business communication intuitively organized — the service is securely compatible with any device.


Not Another Productivity App — Desktop.com is a Smarter Way to Work Online

Small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) are using on average 100+ web applications, while commonly lacking a system for managing these apps and ensuring remote worker setups are properly connected. Over-reliance on individual devices, excess context switching between tasks and digital clutter fatigue can further harm security, continuity and productivity for remote teams.

The solution to the web app explosion and its side effects for SMB’s is Desktop.com’s ability to provide an overarching, secure cloud workspace. A place where all applications, content and collaborative conversations can be kept and rapidly organized into dedicated, shareable desktops — one for each team or project.

Desktop.com Chairman and Founder Rolf Larsen could see the app organization tipping point on the horizon for companies that would worsen as additional apps were added year-over-year. In response, Larsen and his team developed Desktop.com. With device-independent and web-based workspaces, Desktop.com creates an easy-to-use, long-term and scalable way for remote teams to manage their favorite tools while solving collaboration barriers and streamlining navigation for digital work environments.

“My mission with Desktop.com was to create a service that was intuitive for teams and pushed ahead in the world of remote collaboration. The unique, feature-rich experience we’ve created gives every team member the tools to connect the dots of remote work more effectively. Desktop.com will change the way teams work online,” said Larsen.

Venture Investors Onboard

Entrepreneur Frank Schilling, who recently sold UniRegistryTM and his domain name portfolio to GoDaddyTM, backed Desktop.com as a primary investor, “Desktop.com is going to be a huge win. It’s a really great product, pretty much an operating system for the web,” said Schilling.

Southern California-based Idealab and Oslo’s Norse DigitalTM also came in recently to back the SaaS product, bringing Desktop.com’s venture seed rounds to over $4 million dollars. The platform continues to attract interest by investors. It launches into the market with strong financial backing guided by Larsen, himself a successful start-up entrepreneur with a 30-year track record.

With deep roots in successful start-ups, the core team behind Desktop.com spans the globe with presence in the U.S., France, Spain, Norway and Denmark— all collaborate using Desktop.com.

In 2020, many employees suddenly found themselves working out of a home office. We believe Desktop.com meets this moment delivering everything remote teams need to work effectively, no matter their work category. Desktop.com has everything required to become the go-to tool for remote workers in 2021 and beyond,” said Larsen.

Remote Teams Are More Connected with a Desktop.com Digital Office


With intuitive design and no prior IT knowledge required to operate, Desktop.com makes it simple for any team to excel when working remotely. Essential applications, communications, key business documents and virtual meetings are now conveniently within reach from any device.

Enhancing the well-functioning and connected digital environment experience, Desktop.com provides Single Sign-On (SSO) powered by AuthO — the world’s leading identity authentication provider. Plus, Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and integrated Password Manager deliver the ability to securely navigate in and out of apps without repeated login barriers.

Everything in the digital workspace is searchable, sharable and easily accessible for authorized team member use. Desktop.com becomes your virtual office and it’s where you go to work with your team.

Simultaneously, each user’s digital work life can be tucked away behind a single Desktop.com icon. Removing digital clutter, Desktop.com was designed to promote work/life balance for remote team members.

Desktop.com Feature Set — Expanded Functionality Added Each Month

Application Access, Password + Link Management

Collaborative Bookmark Management

Sharable Digital Workspaces for Teams + Guests

Drag and Drop Functionality + Content Tagging

Universal Business Chat + Full HD Video Conferencing

Secure Access Control with MFA + Domain Verification + Encryption (*SRP + PAKE)

Browser Plug-In with Web App + Bookmark Import
+ Global Search

Seamless Movement Between Integrated

Single Sign-On (SSO) - Powered by AuthO

Rapid Onboarding + Offboarding

Device-Independent Accessibility

Centralized Notifications + Activity Timeline

*SRP - Secure Remote Password Protocols + PAKE – Augmented Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols

Upcoming Features

Coming in late March 2021, Desktop.com users can open a chat within their Desktop.com account and talk directly with users from other common communication tools — such as Microsoft Teams® and SlackTM — all within the same chat window using a simple link invitation. Plus, outside users don’t have to have a Desktop.com account to participate.

Desktop.com’s global search tool is also expanding scope, making it one of the most powerful search tools available for remote teams by offering a single search field to find content within applications and across workspaces.


Get on Top of Your Virtual Desktop in Minutes

There are many ways to set-up the Desktop.com environment. Users can choose to Quick-Import favorite apps and bookmarks assisted by the Desktop.com browser plug-in. Or simply drag and drop assets from one desktop to another. Users can even discover and add the best web apps straight from the integrated Desktop.com App Store.

Targeting Confident Leaders and Trusted Teams

Successful teams know along with working remotely comes an inherent freedom and responsibility to balance time and work as each project demands. The Desktop.com team believes strict staff-monitoring tools and employee time clocks have no place in a trusted team environment. As a result, no Big Brother functionality was built into the Desktop.com service.

Instead of strict team monitoring tools, the overview and app management functionality within Desktop.com will let businesses enjoy improved and highly valuable insights into the overall usage of online tools and its distribution between teams. Simultaneously, it gives each team member full insight into their own, private usage in order to better manage their work. This information remains private and is only accessible by the team member — it’s not viewable by the service administrator.

Your Data Is Yours with Desktop.com

GDPR compliant, with privacy as a top priority in all aspects of service, Desktop.com only collects information needed to provide functionality to its users. Any data that users upload or add is theirs exclusively and Desktop.com will not share it, sell it or use it in any way.

Competitive Pricing for SMBs

This subscription-based service allows for greater flexibility in matching real-time business needs for individuals, teams and larger enterprises. Desktop.com is available in three plans:

  • Free
  • Pro ($8 per month, per user)
  • Enterprise ($10 per month, per user)

New users who sign-up before March 31, 2021 receive 50% off the Pro plan for one year with promo code LAUNCH50. Visit Desktop.com/Pricing to sign-up.

Visit Desktop.com to get more out of your digital workspace.

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