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Client Management Tips Your Agency Needs to Know

June 2, 2021

Let’s face it; managing clients is no easy task. While it’s great to have several clients you’re working for, they can take up a lot of time and energy, especially if you’re not careful with how you're planning your workload. This means managing your resources efficiently is key to keeping a better grasp on your clients. In fact, using a proper CRM application can increase revenue by up to 29%

By utilizing a combination of great communication and modern technology, you’ll be able to understand your customer’s needs to know how to deliver on them. So what do you need to know for better client management? 

Determine How You’ll Communicate

No client project gets completed without communication. Learn how your customer wants to interact with you, whether it’s email, phone, video, or any other preferred method. Once you’ve established how you’ll share information, you can access the right tools to use. This also means you’ll know where to look for past conversations, rather than digging through several different communication channels that can cause delays or confusion. You’ll be able to inform each other based on your preferred method and know the best way to get a hold of one another. 

Involve Your Client

No one wants to stay out of the loop. Make sure your clients are a part of your work process and know what’s going on. Adding this level of transparency will not only make your clients feel more secure, but will also help you set realistic expectations about the project. If they understand what you can accomplish within a set amount of time, they’ll be less likely to exhibit behavior that will push you to your limits and cause the project to slow down or fall off course. As long as you keep involving your client, the better you’ll be able to complete reasonable objectives.

Invest in Management and Collaboration Software

In the spirit of trying to stay organized and effective, investing in software that will keep your team on track is just what you need. Projects can get messy, and if there are too many loose files or digital tools scattered across your devices and team, then completing a simple task can take much longer than needed. Currently, 11.4% of all resources, across all organizations, are wasted due to inferior project management. That’s why agencies like FMK Agency started using to keep their workload clean and precise. helps keep all of your tools, files and conversations in one place. Agencies can organize clients by workspaces, and have streamlined communication to quickly send assets to anyone within the group. In fact, users can even invite external guests, like clients themselves, to review the content and communicate inside the same platform. By investing your time and money into a collaboration software, your team can drastically improve the way they manage their workflow.

Educate Your Clients

Updating your client’s site or finishing a major update can be relieving, especially when several hours were put into it. Unfortunately, your client might not know what’s going on or what’s changed with their platform. Educating your clients on everything they need to understand is almost just as important as the work itself. Otherwise, you could find yourself answering several questions post-project, which may halt other client’s projects. Set aside time to educate your customers on the new updates and job performances you did for them. Tools like allow you to create shared spaces that can be easily accessed by everyone, where you can give ongoing updates and procedures about a project. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that everyone knows how to navigate through the new site, app or program. 

Schedule Weekly Tasks

It can be exciting to jump head first into a new project, but taking the time to delegate benchmarks and objectives will make your project go a lot smoother. Despite that, only 46% of organizations make project management a cultural priority. This is why it’s important to set aside some time to make clear goals for your client’s project each week. By managing duties, the tools needed to accomplish them, and time for each task, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the work needed to be done. Once you have a routine figured out, you’ll be able to implement stricter deadlines into your client management system, making it easier to follow your schedule.

Develop Your Client Management Skills with

From proper organization to transparency and efficient communication  , managing clients effectively just got easier. With, you can integrate all of your tools and links to key documents and information into one hub, allowing for a more streamlined digital work environment. You can communicate with clients through integrated chat channels, share documents and workspaces with your team, and access all of your apps with a single password. When you use, you’ll be able to stay on the same page as your distributed teams and clients. Try for free today, and see how connects the dots of remote work.

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