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Use Case: FMK Agency

April 20, 2021

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FMK Use Case

The following answers are provided by FMK Agency.

About FMK

FMK is a fractional digital agency that integrates with a business to help optimize different marketing tactics and strategies. We provide website design and development, social media marketing, graphic design and many other components to grow businesses. Since the agency works entirely remote, with the team scattered across the globe in places like the United States, France, Brazil and Canada, we sometimes struggle with finding the right tool to do the job.

The Problem

Because our agency is scattered, the team has had issues of getting on the same page and being able to function seamlessly on projects. Since we work with many different clients, we have several folders, documents and apps needed to manage each project. Whenever we bring in a new team member, it always takes a while to make sure they have access to everything they need. Between different time zones and not a solid SaaS platform that we’ve committed to, FMK was in need of something that could help us better manage all the various tools we were using and to streamline our workflow and overall online environment.

How We Used

Getting setup for the business was really easy for us. What we really enjoyed about the service was that we could import all of our apps and bookmarks into the hub really quickly, so all we had to do after that was to add some of our key documents from our Google Drive folder to the relevant workspaces and then we were ready to go!

What was interesting to see was the amount of apps that we actually used to maintain our clients, but with the quick-import feature, we were able to quickly organize all of our apps and links into one place.

From there, we organized our workspaces by clients. Once we get a new client, we upload the necessary apps, links to key documents and other online resources that are relevant for the project into that specific workspace. That way, everything we need for each client is in a dedicated place and accessible to everyone in the team. And since the hub is really intuitive, it only takes a few minutes to understand the set up and get everything we need in place, making connections between teams and clients streamlined and effective.

To be able to manage and organize everything needed for different projects in one place, and thereby be sure that our team members all have access to the same tools and information, has been really useful to us as a remote team.

How It Improved FMK Agency

Before, we used several different tools at the same time, like Google Drive and Slack, but lacked a clear overview over all of the tools our team used to manage clients and organize files and links. We frequently created our own folders and organized information ourselves on our own devices, without really having a solid centralized place where the team has constant access to both each other and all key assets.

With Desktop, all of that is taken care of in one place and it is a great supplement to our (very loose and messy) Google Drive. Aside from the organizational part, we can also communicate with each other with’s audio and video conferencing and instant messaging, which is very convenient. We also get a pretty important layer of security with, like our single sign-on and multi-factor-authentication, which makes it both easy and safe to use our own devices for work.

Also, our communication channels became a lot more manageable within We are able to create different groups and message people directly, which is really helpful for our business. We also run weekly meetings via the video conferencing functionality. The communication features are really intuitive and it’s easy to search for people within our team.

Overall, the best part about is the fact that all of our apps and links are in one place, and can be organized the way we see fit, whether it’s by client or department. The single sign-on feature is also really handy, that way our team isn’t constantly having to log in and out of different apps for our clients each time.


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