Einstein’s Train: How to Explain Things Really Well

September 21, 2020

Complex ideas don’t have to be delivered in the same complex way.

Let’s take Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as an example.

Einstein explained it in simple enough terms for most everyone to grasp the basic principles. And, if there is truly any measure of one’s mastery of a subject, it is the ability to put into lay terms for all to understand that which otherwise only the finest of minds would discern. Now, the topic here isn’t really Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Not directly. It is:

  • How to better explain things and why this is important
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In order for us to improve our ability to explain concepts, ideas or elaborate plans, we need other people.

We need to peer into, and be party of, the creative developments and work methods of our fellow team members. Why? Because we need to understand others to be able to better convey our thoughts to them and to present those thoughts in the simplest and most concise language possible.

We can never be certain that the words we speak hold the exact same meaning for the person that is listening. That’s why it’s important for technology to bridge the gap, to improve our communication and collaboration, even when we are far apart physically.

"A language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language."

Noam Chomsky

Clear and concise information is the solid foundation upon which we learn, grow and collaborate.

Poor communication is building your house on a foundation of sand. In our personal lives, as well as in our business lives, tools that enhance our ability to communicate and organize our interactions is crucial. The better we communicate, the more efficient and organized we are, the less error prone, the greater the chance for the development of advanced ideas.

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When Einstein carefully chose his words to convey the clearest meaning to the greatest number of recipients, he changed the course of the world.

We are not all Einsteins, but we are all important cogs in this great wheel. The better we can interact and understand, the smoother it all flows.

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