Working From Home

Remote Work and Getting Better at It

November 23, 2020

Everyday Challenges of Working Remotely

Lack of Direct Supervision

This is a challenge not only for the employee but also the manager. Managers worry that employees will not work as hard and many employees, on the other hand, struggle with limited access to managerial assistance.

Loss of Access to Information

Simply put: increased distance raises the amount of time it takes to receive and send responses. Typically, the biggest shock to newly remote employees is the amount of time and effort it takes to locate information in shared folders or directly from coworkers.

Social Isolation

For the majority of remote employees, this is the toughest aspect of the job. While growing up and throughout their career, employees are surrounded by team members, different departments, and even different companies. This newfound isolation can be especially tragic over the long haul, causing an employee to feel less “belonging” which can end with an increased intention to leave the company.

Overcoming the Challenges

Even though working remotely puts employees in a tough position, they're getting better at it! There are relatively quick and inexpensive things that business owners and managers can do to help their employees; In our latest white paper - Remote Work and Getting better at it - we discover, analyze, and comment on the tremendous undertaking of employees during this strenuous period of working remotely. See below for a short excerpt of our four-page white paper and enter your email address for the complete audiobook or written version!

Excerpt from Our Latest White Paper (4 Pages total)

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