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SaaS Organization Tips: How to Create a Digital Workspace

June 1, 2022

SaaS, digital workspace platforms and other collaboration apps have become incredibly popular in recent years. However, because these tools are so effective, it’s possible to get caught up using too many of them at once, something that can easily turn into a complex web of subscriptions, inactive vs. active users, priorities and access settings over time as your business grows.

These Saas organization tips will give you the information you need to create an online workspace that works for you instead of the other way around. Those tips are also valuable if you would like to optimize your workplace.

Decide What You’re Looking For

Before you rush to sign up for every app that promises to help you get organized online, it’s important to take stock of what you’re looking for in any given organization tool. Is an email inbox cleaner really important? Want granular notification settings? And is sharing with your colleagues and clients as easy as possible? It’s also important to think about features that make your life easier day-to-day.

Note what you need to get started, and search for best practices and tools that align with what you need completed.

Unsubscribe From E-Mail Lists

Getting organized online is all about being smart about how you work and using apps and tools to your advantage. With every tool you sign up for, you’ll likely also get added to a mailing list. Some useful, some not so much, so ensure that you unsubscribe from any list that doesn’t provide you with any value or help. With most email applications including Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Microsoft Outlook, there’s always a more options link at the bottom of every email that leads you to a place where you can manage your subscription lists—that means removing yourself from any emails that come through that you don't need to be on. Be sure to do it after reading emails once or twice; if nothing else just click on unsubscribe.

Set Up Three Email Accounts

Creating an email account for your personal, work, and then spam will help you separate your life into more manageable pieces. Having a separate email for work vs. personal makes sense to most people. But have you considered the third one? The third email address, called “spam” above, can be used for one-off related projects.

What do we mean by that? Well, sometimes you may be tempted to try out a subscription or sign up for newsletters as part of an initiative. It can be a good idea to use an email that is strictly dedicated to these types of sign-ups, that way it doesn't bog down your work or personal email and makes these two emails easier to manage.

Use Better Search Features

Rather than asking "How do I organize my computer?" you should be asking yourself, "What online tools help me work smarter and more efficiently?" Using a platform that comes with a powerful search feature can help organize your digital workspaces. By finding links or messages in an instant, you avoid switching between multiple apps and conversations and can make better use of your time. 

Use Folders and Links for Your Online Content

Naming your work files, links and folders is one of those things that seems trivial, but can make or break how you deal with online content. Whether it’s an outline for a presentation or actual notes from a meeting, using folders as an organizational structure is one of the biggest workflow aids. Especially if the organizational structure is shareable so it can provide team-wide benefits. Having a place to store all of your links will also benefit your team because it allows for easier access and sharing to get to what you need.

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