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What’s the Best Way to Manage Multiple Businesses Remotely?

January 13, 2022

Running a business can be exciting, but running multiple businesses with different projects and teams while working remotely can be a challenge. The challenge primarily lies in navigating between the businesses efficiently, maintaining overview and control, as well as having an online setup that allows you to really focus on growing the businesses (as opposed to wasting focus on who’s using what, where and how). 

So what’s the best way to remotely manage several businesses?

With the right know-how and the best tools, you’ll reap long term benefits and can manage your businesses and projects with ease. Here’s what you need to know!

Standardize Your Operations

Owning multiple businesses and leading several projects can cause a lot of stress when not managed properly. In fact, entrepreneurs are more likely to experience burnout and stress than most employees.

While each business will be a little different, having a standardized way of operating will clear up any confusion on what needs to be done and how. Using tools to centralize your apps, organize documents, and create straightforward processes will not only help you manage your businesses, it will reduce common remote work-related frustrations for your teams which in turn will impact their performance and engagement positively..

Focus on Goals, not Seat Time

Trying to micromanage multiple locations, especially remotely, is ultimately pointless. Instead, allow your remote workers to focus on the deliverables, and trust them to get it accomplished. 

In doing so, you’re not only avoiding concern with the process from start to finish, but you’re also creating an environment of trust, flexibility and responsibility that will be much more productive in the long run! All you need to do is communicate clear goals, set deadlines, and give your expectations on the project.

Be Engaging

On the flipside of not micromanaging, make sure you remain active with your team. Having a manager who is never around to answer questions and show support can be really challenging; especially when a team member is working on something new. 

Take time to be available for a quick call or video chat, and check through your messages regularly to see if your team needs a hand. By offering support, you’re not only able to see the progress of projects, but you’re helping your team learn new skills and give clarity that will allow your business to operate more smoothly.

Utilize a Single Remote Hub

Face it, checking up on every single business individually and having to keep track of everything going on is too much work. With so many businesses and projects flying around, you need a collaborative tool that puts all of your business’ information into one place. With it, you could:

  • Communicate with your teams faster
  • Get instant overview 
  • Integrate your most-used apps
  • Easily switch between workspaces and accounts
  • Securely distribute access to apps and groups
  • Have control of what’s happening
  • Bulk-share online resources with your teams or external partners

By using a centralized remote hub, you remove much of the stress that comes with managing multiple businesses and can see everything you need to in one organized place. 

Be Prepared to Delegate More

As your business develops, so should your management style. You can’t be expected to do it all yourself. That’s why delegating the appropriate tasks to your team across your businesses will allow your companies to grow. In fact, consider starting a group chat where you can delegate tasks each day or week, or utilize sub-managers for each business who can take on the responsibility when needed. That way your employees will have a sense of stability when working on new tasks.

As an added bonus, delegating some of the work will make your team feel more involved and invested in the business, which is highly motivating.

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