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November Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

As we continue to refine, enhance and improve with every update, some updates are more noticeable than others. We’ve listened to your feedback and this month’s new feature release includes some quite notable improvements - let’s have a look: Browser Plugin = Convenient & Efficient

Adding links, bookmarks and apps to your Desktop(s) has never been easier. With our new optional browser plugin you’ll be able to quickly import all (or a select few) of your existing bookmarks into


Additionally, you’ll now have the option to directly add the current URL in your browser straight to a Desktop of your choice. Better yet - any web apps you used within the past 90 days that match apps available in our App Store, will be automatically suggested for you so that you can add them to your Desktop(s) too with just one click! Learn more about how to use the browser plugin here.

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Added Security for Companies and Teams

Your information and business assets are important and should be kept safe, which is why we added an additional layer of security to Teams accounts. Team account owners will now have the option to restrict new invited members to only be able to use email addresses that include the company domain name as their verified email addresses, e.g. where [] is the domain name. Where needed, account owners will also be able to add more than one company domain name.

Rearrange and Customize


In our latest Newsletter, we announced the ability to link multiple accounts if, for instance, you have a Personal and a Teams account, so that you can access them both without having to log in and out. All your linked accounts are displayed in the left hand side panel, and you’re now also able to rearrange the order that they are displayed in so that your most frequently used ones can be placed at the top of the list.


Added an app to a Desktop that would fit better in a different one? No need to manually re-add it through the app store. You’ll now be able to easily drag and move apps from one Desktop to another.


Aside from being able to drag and move links between Desktops, you’re now also able to drag and drop links into your account from outside of (from anywhere else on your computer, for example). For this release, we’ve refined and improved this functionality even more.



We all have some apps and links that we use more frequently than others. These apps and links can now be marked as Favorites, which will make them appear under the Favorites tab in the upper part of the left side panel for quicker access.

Easily Pick Up Where You Left Off

Below Favorites, you’ll also find Recent. Here, you’re able to see all your recently accessed (across all Desktops that you are a user of) apps and links. This provides you with a better overview of your own recent actions and adds a fast-track to be able to pick up where you left off in addition to the context sensitive Timeline feature next to the search icon (to the top right).

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Single-Sign-On (SSO) update

We’re also excited to let you know that we added Single-Sign-On (SSO) support for almost 200+ additional apps! If your favorite SSO app isn’t listed, you may add it as a custom SSO app.

You can easily check which ones of your apps that support SSO, by going to your account’s administration page and clicking on “SSO” in the left side menu.

Know of a good app that we haven’t added to the App Store? Please send us an email to with the name and link to the app that you think we should add.

New videos on our YouTube channel

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Got suggestions on new features? Ideas on how to make the user experience even better? Something we need to improve? This is how we grow - by constantly improving the value that we bring to you.

So, shoot us a message through our chatbot “Albot” to the bottom right on the website, or email us at and let us know your thoughts!

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