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The Benefits of Using a Password Manager for Your Business

January 12, 2023

A SaaS password manager is an important factor in keeping your business alive, and it allows you to focus on moving your business forward instead of wasting time trying to remember different passwords for each account. 

Here's why your business needs to start using a password manager today.

What is a Password Manager?

To put it simply, a password manager is an online service that helps you keep track of, manage and securely store all your online credentials in one place. This can be a lifesaver for small businesses or remote teams who need to keep track of multiple passwords for different accounts. It's easy to get in the habit of sending over credentials to your team via email or a chat channel, but that comes with risk.

A password manager distributes access to credentials through a secure link that hides any passwords from prying eyes. Rather than sending them through emails or having every team member use their old, weak passwords with no strength-check, a password manager eliminates any potential threats to keep your organization's information secured.

Importing Your Passwords to

All of those passwords, but nowhere to store them? That's where comes in. lets you stay organized and secures all your accounts by saving passwords in an encrypted vault. Users can share work passwords with team members without compromising security, and can be seamlessly shared with other users as they need them. Even if you're already using another password manager app, or just the browser, Desktop lets you consolidate all of your existing passwords by importing them into with just one click!

Exporting Your Passwords

Before starting the import process, you'll want to make sure you've exported all of your existing passwords into a .csv or .1pif file. 

If you are using an existing password manager, you can go to your account settings and export the list of saved credentials to a .csv or .1p if file. If you have your credentials saved to a Chrome browser, then here are the steps you can take to export your passwords. 

1. Go to your Chrome menu and select the three dots in the toolbar and choose Settings

2. Click autofill > passwords

3. Click the three dots above the list of saved passwords and select “Export passwords”.

4. Click “Export passwords”, and enter the password you use to log in to your computer if asked.

5. Save the file to your desktop.

Now that you've exported your passwords, it's time to migrate them to!

Importing Passwords to

Next thing you'll want to do is open the app. Once you've logged in, you'll navigate to the password manager. To unlock your password manager, just enter the password for your account and click the "Unlock Password Manager" button.

1. Now click the "Add Password" button.

2. Switch to the Import tab and click the "Browse your computer" button to upload a file with saved credentials.

3. After you've selected the file, click the "Upload your file" button.

Now your imported credentials will appear under the "Other Passwords" tab. From here, you can move, organize, and rename your passwords to fit your structure. You’ll then also be able to select certain passwords that you’d like to share with other team members. 

Tips for Managing Your Passwords

Now that you’ve streamlined your credentials into a single password manager, we've put together some helpful docs that will, well, help you to take advantage of the full password management experience.

Some important features to know is that you can access, edit, and delete your saved and imported credentials from the Passwords menu. If you have any shared or group passwords from other apps, you can find those in the Group Passwords section. Here, your credentials for Google, Microsoft and Apple apps can be stored and found. 

You'll also have an App Passwords section that contains app credentials created by you or shared with you. You can use the browser extension to apply or save passwords as they go right in the browser. These passwords can be saved in one or several secure vaults in the extension, so you never have to worry about your credentials being hacked again.

Be Prepared with

With the password manager at your disposal, your team can use to its full potential! Between storing credentials, sharing workspaces, setting up video meetings or chatting with teams, clients, and resellers, the all-in-one platform makes managing your business online a breeze. Try it for FREE today! 

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