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📱 iOS and Android Apps are Live! 🎉

December 23, 2021

We have merry news for you this holiday season!

This month’s update makes it easier to work efficiently and to securely access anything you need on the go. We’re bringing you mobile app for iOS/iPadOS and Android, several new integrations, password import and much more.

Let’s dive right in.

iOS & Android apps

The mobile experience just got significantly better! Simply click the icons below to see all download options.

With the new mobile apps, you’ll enjoy:

- Improved overall app responsiveness

- Push notifications

- New incoming and outgoing call screens

The Android app is live and ready to download in the Google Play store. The iOS version of the app is going through App Store’s final approval process and will be available shortly.

NEW Integrations

As promised, additional app integrations are added with each new release. You’ll now be able to activate the integration for Salesforce, Hubspot, Github and Mailchimp (alongside previously announced integrations) straight from your Settings menu.

We encourage you to enable integrations with the apps you use daily to take advantage of not only the centralized access, but also the instant overview that lets you stay on top of things and minimizes the time spent switching in and out of various apps throughout the day.

Improved call functionality

We have improved our call functionality and introduced a few new features:

- Create a poll in the in-call chat. Know what your participants think.

- Participant list. Get a birds eye view of who is there.

- Share a youtube video embedded directly in the call.

- Share audio during a call. Podcasts, Spotify and more.

- Speaker stats.

- Embed the meeting in an iframe.

- More moderator control over participants

In conjunction with our new native Android and iOS versions you will see immense improvement on all aspects of calling via

Google Workspace Link Preview

Another notable integration this month is Google Workspace. By connecting your account with your Google account, you’ll be able to enjoy a much more detailed preview of Google documents within - both when documents are shared in chat, and when they are saved as links.

To activate it, just click the small “Sign in with Google” icon on one Google link, and it’ll automatically apply to all Google links and documents throughout your workspace. Easy peasy!

Just as with other integrations, this will provide you with instant information and ultimately save you clicks and time.

Import Passwords

Consolidate and streamline the way you move through your online workday. From now on, you’ll be able to import passwords that you may have saved across other apps and browsers. Import from Chrome, Safari, LastPass, 1Password or Bitwarden from the Passwords section in the app.

Additionally, you’re able to add manual passwords alongside the options of importing, or creating group passwords for a team.

Unsure about how safe it is to add your credentials and sharing passwords within the app? Security and privacy are our top priorities! Learn more about how we keep your account and data secure here!

💎 Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and smaller updates, such as:

⚙️ MFA as a user preference

💬 Improved readability in chat conversation view

💬 Updated display of group chat participants

🔗 Easier to access link preview mode

⚙️ Redesigned preferences menu in Settings

🔐 Password support in Favorites and Recents

🟢 Improved online state sensibility

Good Reads

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for the latest articles on remote work solutions, collaboration, tips and tricks and use cases. This month’s top picks:

  • How to organize links and bookmarks for collaboration
  • How to build and manage client relationships remotely
  • How to share and send company passwords securely

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Happy Holidays!

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