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Chat Threads and Dark Mode Are Here!

August 18, 2021

This August, we have some new features that are sure to bring out your dark side ;). Take a look at what we’ve been up to this month!

Chat Threads

How can you get more clarity in chat communication? How can chats be better organized to support collaboration and the ability to stay focused on a topic?

The answer is pretty simple: by implementing threads. So, we’re happy to finally be introducing threads to the chat today!

A threaded message is created when you can click on any message in chat, and comment/reply to it, which creates a separate thread of messages under the original message. Whenever there are new messages in threads where you participate, you will get an alert in the Inbox for easy navigation to the thread. We also added an unread indicator to threads and other messages as well.

Dark Mode is Here

...And it looks awesome and at the same time it is (probably) good for the planet. It's a double whammy! To turn it on simply head into Settings > Preferences and set your preferred theme.

Updated Video Call Functionality

Video calling now looks and sounds better! You can now add virtual backgrounds for video calls and meetings - when in a video call or meeting simply hit the “more actions” menu and choose “select background”. Choose one of our suggestions or upload your own

Clone Sections

Another update this month is the ability to easily clone sections of a Desktop. Simply copy a section (group of apps or links) and paste it into a different desktop, on any workspace, instead of manually adding items one-by-one. This allows you to quickly re-create recurring aspects of a desktop, e.g. if you have multiple client or partner desktops that contain similar content.

Live Reaction Display

It's always nice to know when someone is responding to your message. We think so! Live reaction display is now included in chat so you can see when someone is typing.

Price Reduction & New Pro Plan Perk

Effective as of 17th of August 2021, all existing and new Pro subscriptions will be able to take advantage of the full Pro plan feature suite at a lower price!

Previously: $8 per user/month. Now: $5 per user/month!

Share passwords & keep multiple credentials:

Password Manager now allows Pro plan admins to share passwords with workspace members, as well as keeping more than one set of credentials for an app.

Other Updates

  • Passwords menu section
  • Improved chat search
  • Adding guest details to meetings
  • Invitation reminders
  • Various small feature improvements

Until next time - Thanks again for being a valuable part of our community.

- The Team

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