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October Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

Design tweaks

Like our new look?

We’ve done some design improvements for both the Settings and the User interface, such as:

  • Separated company desktops from personal desktops in the desktop menu.
  • Ability to rearrange order of your desktops.
  • Added an overview of your custom apps in the App Store and settings menu
  • Improved design and functionality when adding people to desktops in the Personal Premium and Teams accounts.

New Features!

Our development team has been working hard these past few weeks and we’re happy to announce these useful new features:

newsletter Desktops

Link your different accounts

If you have multiple accounts, you’ll now be able to link them to each other so that you can access them all without having to log in and out. Your different accounts will all be displayed in the left hand side panel. You may also add new accounts.

newsletter Drag&drop


This feature lets you drag and drop folders and links in two ways:

  1. Within your account - Drag and drop links and folders from one desktop to another.
  2. Outside of and into your account - You’re also able to take links from your phone or laptop, and easily drag and drop them into your account.

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App store and Single-Sign-On (SSO) update

Have you explored our integrated App Store for web apps? It’s jam packed with great tools in every category to make your life easier. We now have more than 1900 integrated apps and that number is growing weekly.

We’re also excited to let you know that the number of apps that support Single-Sign-On (SSO) has grown. You can easily check which ones of the apps added to your desktop(s) support SSO, by going to your account’s settings page and click on “SSO” in the left side menu. We are close to adding a large number of new SSO supported apps, so stay tuned!

Know of a good app that we haven’t added to the App Store? Please send us an email to with the name and link to the app that you think we should add.

New videos on our YouTube channel

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Got questions about the site or your account? Have you met Albot yet? If not, let us introduce our chatbot Albot. He’s sitting to the bottom right on the website, ready to answer all of your questions.


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Got suggestions on new features? Ideas on how to make the user experience even better? Something we need to improve? This is how we grow - by constantly improving the value that we bring to you.

So, shoot us a message through our chatbot “Albot” to the bottom right on the website, or email us at and let us know your thoughts!

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Our journey includes a smarter way to manage, share and collaborate on links, Single-Sign-On for small businesses, sharable Desktops and efficient access controls, our own App Store for web apps with discovery functions and much more.

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