Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Bookmark Manager App

July 20, 2022

If you’re like most business owners, you probably have dozens of links and bookmark folders cluttering up your browser tabs and making it impossible to find the bookmarks you need when you need them. Many employees even spend almost 2 hours every day gathering information. Well, it’s time to reclaim your time with a team bookmark manager! 

A team bookmark manager allows you and your teams to organize links and bookmarks in any way that makes sense to your business, while being easily accessible from anywhere so that you don’t have to go digging through all those old tabs or resending links for the 100th time! Here's how it can help:

More efficient with your time

With a good Bookmark manager app, you can maintain a library of the most relevant content and customize how you interact with bookmarked items. By categorizing the information into folders and sub-folders and setting user roles, you can allow anyone in the team to to efficiently find the information they need when they need it. Links can also be tagged for improved searchability. 

More importantly, everyone’s workflow benefits from minimized focus disruptions thanks to having all key information in a single location. Whether you're compiling research for your team’s next project, or need to bucket multiple links and articles for a presentation, a bookmark manager can help keep all of your content organized and accessible. 

Better organized

When you’re running multiple projects and to-do lists, it can be tough to stay organized. Using a bookmark manager can help you discern the more important aspects of a website and link you to specific pieces that benefit your project in an organized way.

Businesses can use this to their advantage by updating projects or client data with a bookmarked system that has all the necessary details to complete work, or use it as a way to store and share valuable information in a single place. The possibilities are endless.

Improved Collaboration

If you’re managing a remote team, or even several teams spread across different locations, using a centralized digital tool to organize shared resources is an absolute must. SaaS platforms like use central workspaces to locate all of a businesses' links and resources. 

You can organize by project, department, or any other way organic to your team. The digital workspace gives everyone on your team visibility into what each other is working on in a single overview. With a bookmark manager, collaboration is easy.

Sync your bookmarks to every device

Staying organized as you move from device to device is a constant challenge for business users. A bookmark manager is one of your best tools for staying productive, providing easy access to key information from multiple devices—at home and at work, on your laptop and your smartphone. 

Keeping all those links and bookmarks in sync means anyone in the team can find what they’re looking for, no matter where they are or which device they’re using. Even better, the built-in project management features like tagging and the preview comment feature gives you more control over how you store and collaborate with links and information–never miss anything important again.

Easily Searchable

A bookmark manager makes it easier to search for information you need. If your business has a lot of online content you likely have hundreds of bookmarks that live in each team members’ individual browser toolbar. 

With a centralized team bookmark manager, business relevant content can be made accessible to everyone while certain bookmarks can be kept in your personal workspace. How you organize and separate the bookmarks and links is up to you! The important thing is that with a good bookmark manager app, they’re kept organized, secure and accessible from any device!

Collaborate & Share Information Across Teams With

At, we know how important it is to access certain data in the blink of an eye. includes not only collaborative workspaces with top-of-line security, but also a built out team bookmark manager function. The app works as well on the web, as on desktop or as iOS or Android apps - giving you overview of your projects and resources from any device, at any time. Best of all, you can easily share new bookmarks with your team in a single click to keep everyone updated. Create a flexible, manageable workforce with for free today!

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