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Password Manager Now On EVERY Device

May 17, 2022

Yes - there’s more. Even though we just recently shared an update that makes navigation and staying on top of things much easier, we’re happy to be able to bring you another batch of news today. This time, we’re enabling Desktop.com Password Manager on every device, improving app speed as well as launching a new version of our browser extension. 

Here we go. 

Password Manager On Every Device

Being able to securely access, share and apply credentials on the go is a crucial part of the new way of working. That’s why we’re happy to announce that the Desktop.com Password Manager now works not only on web and desktop, but also on iOS, iPadOS and Android. 

Not only that, we’re also connecting the Password Manager to Desktop.com’s new browser extension. That way, you instantly get an overview of all relevant credentials, even from multiple workspaces, and can easily apply them right then and there in the browser. 

Unsure about how safe it is to add your credentials and sharing passwords within the Desktop.com app? Security and privacy are our top priorities! Learn more about how we keep your account and data secure here!

Built-Out App Notification Controls 

Your workspace(s) - your rules. 

Decide when, if and for what you want to get a notification to best suit your needs. You can now manage notification settings not only on a global level (that is, across all your workspaces), but also on a more granular level for each individual workspace as well as for when you prefer to get notified via your phone instead. You’re also able to mute all notification sounds for full focus mode. Check it out under your account Settings ⚙️

NEW Browser Extension + Secure Vaults

The new and improved Desktop.com browser extension comes with a whole heap of new functionality: 

  • See a link preview with image and title of the current web page you’re on before saving it.
  • You’ll now have one secure Vault inside the browser extension per workspace you’re a member of.
  • You can unlock the vault for all, or a selection of, your workspaces.
  • Easily switch between workspaces and vaults.
  • The Vault will store and suggest your passwords so that you can easily select one and apply it in the browser.
  • Passwords will be organized by All – Connected – Group Passwords
  • You’ll be able to copy username & passwords from your vault, or edit them
  • Easily add new passwords to be stored in the Vault right from the browser extension
  • Get the option to generate new passwords based on your preferences for number of characters, numbers, symbols, lowercase or uppercase. 

A Speedier App 

Snappier and faster actions and load times - yes, please. We’re working our way through the service with the end goal of an overall speedier app. This month, we’ve prioritized improvements and backend work that will translate into quicker load times of desktops and chats. 

Mistakes Happen: Introducing “Undo”

In case you weren't familiar with it already, all added or removed items relating to any given Desktop can be found and time stamped under the Activity icon. This functionality makes it easy for a workspace owner and its team to stay on top of, or backtrack, what has been added/removed and by whom at what time. 

In the event that an item or entire section was wrongfully removed, any such unintended or regretted action can easily be undone straight from the Activity timeline. 

Managing Security - MFA

We strongly recommend enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for your workspace, especially if your workspace includes team members and contains important information (which it likely does). Enabling MFA adds a layer of extra security on top of your entire workspace’s content. 

With this release, we’re also making it easier and more convenient to manage by ensuring clear notices if MFA has expired for a workspace, as well as providing the option to reset MFA for an individual user. 

💎 Other Updates

In addition to the news above, this months release also includes several other improvements and smaller updates, such as:

🔔 Notification sync enhancements

🔗 Smoother link section scrolling

🚀 Improved speed

⚙️ Overall performance improvement

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