Why Your Work Should Shift to a Cloud Management System

March 22, 2021

2020 came with a lot of surprises, but none more than the pandemic. Because of that, people adapted to remote work to continue their business operations. This meant more people needed to adjust to a cloud management system to function; and the results speak for themselves! More than half of the companies that enabled remote work plan to retain their setup even after the pandemic. This means that cloud and management service spending are expected to rise in 2021.

The truth is you probably already use a cloud-based system without even realizing it. Social media, Google Docs, Spotify - these are all cloud-based systems that most people use everyday. But why are businesses making this transition? And why should we?


While it’s true that moving from paper to digital can be a timely, sometimes expensive endeavor, the benefits you’ll receive after are great! In fact, the estimated savings per year for a five-person team using custom forms is around $12,000! All of your data will be stored virtually, with easy access and management. You also won’t be spending money on any kind of physical expenses, like paper, folders, supplies and more. All of your operating costs will be minimized and kept organized in a cloud system where anyone in your business can access and use. This investment will pay off soon, and your business will be spending less very quickly.

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Quick Access

Remember how we mentioned easy access? With a cloud system, your team will have quick access to data and files, no matter where you are. Whether it’s the middle of the night, you’re traveling, or working from home, the cloud lets you retrieve anything you need from any device. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, all of the data will be available to you. It makes work more flexible, since you can pull documents from any device and send files over to coworkers or clients with ease.

Instant Collaboration

Tired of dropping off papers to each individual, or forgetting to send that email to your team? With cloud-based systems, everything is already on your platform, ready for review and collaboration. The cloud makes it easy for teams to focus on work without the unnecessary time of sending off every document.

For example, with you can share documents and links with different workspaces, and set up different teams with all of the necessary online resources they need to work. Our audio and video chat also allows for easy communication across teams, and the instant messaging feature makes chatting quick and effective! If that sounds like something your team could use, check out our plans to see what will work best for you.

Enhanced Security

Data security is always going to be one of a business’ top priorities. A lot of concerns come up when it comes to cloud-based software, like just how reliable the security is for these kinds of services. No need to fear, however, because cloud-service software actually has higher levels of security for its data. Since people are moving into a new way of uploading and retrieving files, IT service providers are taking massive steps to ensure that your data is secure. In fact, over 93% of businesses that moved to the cloud say they have better data security. Cloud hosts are constantly monitoring and updating their service, making it hard for viruses and hackers to find your data. Even with the few security risks involved, IT is taking further steps for seamless and secure cloud storage. With the cloud, everyone wins!

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Data Recovery

Nothing is worse than working on a project, or setting up a new system, just for it to crash and have to start all over. We’ve all faced that dilemma at one point or another. With the cloud-based system, however, you’ve almost completely eliminated the issue of lost files. Since everything is saved directly into a cloud system, files won’t lose progress if your computer decides to crash halfway through. Makes for a less frustrating day, doesn’t it?

Increased Space

There’s only so much space your computer can hold. With cloud storage, you have a near endless world of  storage space you can utilize without needing to pay for the extra space. This especially comes in handy when you have large files you need to save and share with your team. The cloud allows you to access any file from anywhere, without the need to constantly save and send to multiple people - taking up space in the process.

Switching to the cloud is becoming more relevant each year, and it’s easy to see why. 88% of companies utilize the cloud as of 2020, with 25% of those companies aiming to integrate the cloud completely by the end of 2021. So if you haven’t already, we think it’s about time you caught up to see what the cloud can do for you.

If you don’t know where to start, try Our service allows easy integration between team members, with an easy import function so you can get all of your bookmarks and apps straight into our hub for instant access and collaboration. Go ahead and try it today!

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