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Use Case: Communication Features

February 9, 2021


Ever had to run a last minute meeting, and you’ve scrambled to get your team together? Someone’s out on the road, another is working from home, and no one seems to be on the same page as you.

Being able to effectively communicate with your team is important for any business to operate seamlessly, whether the team is partially or fully remote. When there’s too much digital clutter you may end up spending more time planning to speak with your team instead of accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Even when you do manage to communicate with your team, doesn’t it seem to be in separate apps or methods? You might have to message a group of managers in one chatroom, but send an invite to a department in a different app just to get a message delivered. Sure there’s always email, but not everyone checks that as frequently as you’d like. The truth is, communicating with your team shouldn’t require you to have ten different tabs open just to set up a meeting. All you’re doing is causing unnecessary delays.

So what can do to fix this?


How Helps allows you to streamline all your communication into one platform. By importing all of your tools, links and teams onto your workspace, you create a centralized and well-organized hub that will enable you to waste less time and get more done. You can communicate with any individual, group or team via chat, voice or full HD quality video with a single click, across tools, across workspaces.

Even better - what if you have clients you speak with through other apps? No worries! In less than a month, will release an update that allows you to seamlessly chat with any individual, regardless of the communication tool they are using (e.g. Slack or Microsoft Teams). So instead of having to switch between accounts and apps to adapt to other people, you’ll have everything you need easily accessed in one spot.

How Works

Now that we've put forth a real-world scenario, told you about, and have your attention; here's how works to streamline communication amongst your team as well as external parties.


1) Create Desktops and Add Your Apps and Links

Let's start by building out our workspace by creating separate Desktops, one for each team, need or project. Add apps by browsing through hundreds of different apps in the integrated App Store, or quick-import your existing apps and bookmarks with the Browser Plugin. Add important links and documents manually or instantly from the browser, and organize your content into folders for better overview.

2) Invite Users

You can invite anyone you need to, even external guest users. Now, you can start grouping different departments together, so you can seamlessly communicate with the team you need to. Utilize the intuitive access management settings to ensure that the right people have access to the right content and Desktops.

3) Chat With Individuals or Groups

When using’s chat feature, you can swiftly navigate to the appropriate team member or group to communicate with while remaining in the context of your workflow.

4) Video Calls

Just like chatting, you’ll be able to use’s video feature to instantly start a full HD quality video call with any individual or group. Use in-call features such as screen sharing, video quality settings, blurred background or in-call chat to get the best video conferencing experience.

With these easy-to-learn communication features, you can stay in touch with your team and work on projects more efficiently. With less time wasted, you can jump right into work with your team and be able to stay on the same page.

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