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March Updates

March 18, 2021

Our early access phase is over, and has officially launched! Read our press release here.

Throughout this past year, we have been able to listen to your feedback, perform thorough testing and market exploration. This has now allowed us to bring it all together into the current version of the service - a service that connects the otherwise scattered dots of remote work by allowing you to keep and manage your teams, tools and communications all in one place.

Last month, we revealed the full HD video conferencing and voice calls and this month, we’re also excited to introduce Password Manager and group Chat, among other things.

New users who sign-up before March 31, 2021 receive 50% off the Pro plan for one year with promo code LAUNCH50.

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Now, let's dive right in and explore what's new!

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A Few Words From Our CEO

To learn more about the launch, the reasoning and the benefits, check out this letter from CEO Rolf Larsen!

Password Manager


In order to move seamlessly across tools and maintain focus and productivity, we’ve created Password Manager. Password Manager is available both in the Free and Pro plans.

The password manager will store all your app credentials under a single master password, allowing you to automatically login to your favorite services. Pro plan Admins will soon be able to share unified credentials with team members, making deployment of common resources a breeze.

Login & Set Up My Password Manager

The password manager uses the Zero Knowledge Protocol (ZKP) to keep client-server communication safe and encrypted. We also utilize Host-Proof Hosting (HPH), which puts encryption responsibility on the client side and prevents data breaches on the server side.

zoomed chat


Our new chat functionality allows you to communicate with your contacts or groups across any type of device without installing anything - right in the context of your workspace or project. chat supports three kinds of chats:

  • One-on-one. Create a private chat with another user or even an external guest.
  • Groups. Easily create a custom group chat with up to 250 users!
  • Channel/All. Quick-start a chat with all members of a certain desktop through the channel chat.

You can now share files and links in a chat, mention someone to get their attention and react to messages with emojis.

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New Video Alert

Check out our new concept video and getting-started-video below to celebrate the launch!

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Coming Up Next

We are currently working on some really cool app integrations. These integrations will connect the benefits of some of your favorite apps and provide them all to you in one streamlined experience through Stay tuned!

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We work hard to create a positive community of users to come along with us on this journey. If you enjoy the new service it would be incredibly helpful and much appreciated if you could leave a quick review on one of the review sites listed below. If you have feedback, general ideas on new features or thoughts on how we can improve - please send us an email to Your experience is important to us!

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Our mission is to improve the way web tools are used and accessed. By providing an easy-to-use service that is suitable for both professional and personal use, we want to ensure that you reap all the benefits that web-based resources can offer.

Our journey includes a smarter way to manage, share and collaborate on links, Single-Sign-On for small businesses, sharable Desktops and efficient access controls, our own App Store for web apps with discovery functions and much more.

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