Psychological Effects of a Crowded Desktop

January 29, 2021

No one likes a messy room. Between the junk scattered everywhere on the floors and furniture, and dust and bacteria collecting on everything, it can be an overwhelming (and frankly quite disturbing) sight. Luckily, we have the internet, and if the internet’s taught us anything, is that you can find solutions in a matter of seconds. While we seem to have thousands of blogs and shows that teach us how to clean our homes, we forgot that there’s another aspect of our lives that can get just as messy: our digital desktops!

Just like how a dirty home can impact our mental health, a messy digital environment (such as your laptop's desktop) can do the same. Saving thousands of photos, endless bookmarks, and a desktop covered with shortcuts to websites and apps can start taking a toll on us. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look into some of the psychological effects a crowded desktop can have on you.

Psychological Effects of a Crowded Desktop_01

Stress & Anxiety

Having to scour our desktops for the link we want to open, or scrolling through our thousands of photos to find the one we want to post takes time. We live in a world where we want to access everything we need quickly, and having a dysfunctional desktop only adds to the stress of navigating through countless documents and links to find the one thing we need. A cluttered desktop makes it more difficult to complete tasks for work, which in turn makes us more anxious. We even become anxious in deleting our older content and tell ourselves it can be needed later on.


Even if you pride yourself in having a good memory, too much clutter can still overwhelm your senses. When there’s too much information to look at, our brains are in overdrive trying to process what it can and retains only the important data. This can cause you to forget about tasks for work, where files are located, or even managing your personal duties. A clean desktop means a stronger brain.

Less Focused

Put yourself in this situation. Your inbox is constantly filling up and awaiting replies, your group chat keeps pinging you, and you have 18 tabs open that you’re trying to remember why they were opened in the first place. You can only do so much, which is why your brain can’t focus on a single task for long periods of time. Therefore, you end up getting nothing done, and the problem still remains there the next day.

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How Can I Prevent Digital Clutter?

Luckily,’s top priority is to make sure your digital life is as organized and clutter-free as possible. In fact, we even have a 7-day digital declutter challenge that you can get started on today.

Another way to prevent clutter is by joining! Our web service imports all of your apps and bookmarks into one centralized hub, and automatically organizes it for you. You can access everything you need in one space, without having to switch between multiple tabs or rely on a single device. With, you have reliable and secure access to all your tools, links and conversations all in one shareable space.

With all that in mind, we hope that you’ll make great strides to a cleaner, more productive workspace in your digital life. Get started with today!

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