Welcome to the Jungle

August 28, 2020

You know the saying.

“It’s a jungle out there!”

And as we gaze into a myriad of interactions, it certainly can appear to be. The traffic. The subway. The crowds. The office. Your desktop. Your inbox. Your lunch. The weather. Construction. The chaos.

Are you ready for it? It may look hostile at times. Do you have the right tools, the right balance, the right shoes, enough RAM? Can you ever be too ready? No. The jungle always wins. Unless...

Unless we take a step back and reassess.

Man stands in a rainforest with an office superimposed in the foreground

In order to do so, we need to change our tone.

“What a beautiful jungle it is out there!”

Oooh, see, that certainly changes things. Now we can strive to better understand the nature of the environment we are venturing into. To think of it as hostile is to remain separate and unaware of the many levels of interaction that exists within every environment, virtual or real, including our own. Oftentimes, feelings of discomfort stem from a lack of knowledge or experience.

The jungle is rich, full and beautiful.

Perhaps our greatest challenge as workers, researchers, educators, catalysts and humans, is to more fully understand the diverse environments intersecting and overlapping our own. This is the difference between seeing a chaotic and hostile jungle, or an interconnected, symbiotic, dynamically changing and growing leafy world of endless potential. In a classroom, it is the difference between a clashing cultural nightmare and a well-planned culturally responsive pedagogy.

Woman looks out through window from an office filled with computers

We can’t just fire up our tools and power our way through everything.

Sometimes we need some intuitive finesse, sometimes we need to yield, sometimes we need to know when things are fine just like they are. More is not better, but better is always so much more.

In our digital worlds we are always sitting on the edge of the jungle – the vast electric abstract jungle. Be it the web, the internet, or our local network. We peer in through our operating systems, cast our nets, claim pieces of it as our own. We struggle with how to decipher, filter and organize the data retrieved with the tools that we use to interact. Our interaction is only as good as our tools. With that in mind, it is nice to have access to a solution that can elegantly manage our array of tools and simplify the data assimilation for us, to clear the path and improve visibility. does this. logo superimposed on tree tops and sky

I can better ponder the depths of the intricate jungle, the flow of information, the clear transmissions of ideas and thought.

Isn’t this where we are going? Isn’t this where we want to go? We have power and speed. We can (and we do) blaze big paths through the jungles and call it progress. But we miss so much. We are now in need of tools that can notice and bring to our attention the subtle nuances that must be a part of our discoveries and deductions. Tools that lift us out of the digital infancy that is still forming the foundations of what we do. Tools that help us improve all aspects of communication without having to rebuild the world. Tools that allow us to more readily interact and acknowledge one another in a safe and intuitive environment within the depths of the densest jungle. Tools that allow us the time to stop and ponder the wondrous activity that hides under the great canopy.

When we have the right perspective and a good attitude, together with the right tools, the jungle is just another aspect of ourselves and a world of possibilities. We know this.

The next time someone says, “It’s a jungle out there.”

Tell them, yes, I know. Bring it on.

Try today!

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