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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of

January 8, 2021

Getting situated with any new tool can be difficult, especially when there’s so many new features being rolled out on a monthly basis. offers lots of collaborative and organizational capabilities for you to check out when you start.

To help ease the transition to and get started on the right foot; here’s our 10 favorite tips for getting the most out of


In order to make use of these tips you will need a account. It’s both quick and easy to sign up for a FREE or Pro account, depending on your needs. Now, let’s get started!

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Desktop.com_01

Tip #1 - Customize Your Desktop

The great thing about is there’s no rules about what apps you can add. Desktop supports hundreds of different web apps that you can browse and choose from. Once you’ve picked all of your favorite apps, allows you to organize them the way you want, giving you a personalized experience.

Tip #2 - Import Bookmarks & Apps Automatically’s import function lets you easily and quickly import all, or a selection, of your existing bookmarks. will also auto-suggest web apps for you that you have used in the past, so that you can add them to your workspace with a single click. This simple function allows you to continue your work without the hassle of adding in the necessary apps and links by hand.

Tip #3 - Multiple Accounts

Want to separate your work life from your personal life? Easy!

With Webtop, you can create multiple accounts to switch between to maintain an easily organized system. You can make an account to view your personal social media, while having a separate one to access your important documents and links on client projects. The options are endless!

Tip #4 - Communication

Communication between team members has never been easier. You can easily manage private and group chats to stay informed with each other about project developments, and with our Pro plan, you can have up to 250 internal members and up to 25 participants in a video or audio call. With full HD video support and screen sharing, conferences or external meetings with clients will go off without a hitch.

Tip #5 - Admin Use

As an administrator, lots of extra features are at your fingertips. You can create workspaces to specific individuals and groups, delegate desktops with the apps and resources needed for different departments, and invite new users to onboard.

Tip #6 - Desktop’s and Sharing not only allows you to create your own desktop, but to share it as well.

Have a new hire?

Get them quickly adjusted by giving them access to a fully prepped desktop with all the tools and assets they will need to get started.  Regardless if you're sharing an entire desktop, a link or a folder, it’s never been easier to collaborate with your team.

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Desktop.com_03

Tip #7 - Single Sign-On (SSO)

Tired of logging into each of yours apps separately over and over? With’s single sign-on feature, you won’t have to worry about logging into all of your other accounts. In just a single click you can access everything you need to without the hassle of signing into each separate app. Get it setup today.

Tip #8 - External Guest Users

Is someone not a part of your company? No worries!’s external guest user feature allows you to add a user without a account to a specific workspace. Share your space with any people you choose so you can collaborate and efficiently work on projects together.

Tip #9 - Searching with the Search Bar

Webtop’s searching capabilities allows you to search for anything on your desktop to pull up at a moment’s notice.

Tip #10 - Utilize the Knowledge Base

If you are ever still having issues with Desktop, rest assured we have all your questions covered. Our help center includes 20+ articles and 5+ videos that detail setup and common troubleshooting issues. Get the most out of your experience with


Now that you’re armed and ready, why not jump into your account and start implementing these tips! Using these features will help keep your life organized and productive.

As we mentioned before, in order to make use of these tips you will need a Webtop account. It’s quick and easy to get started! Sign up for a Free or Pro account today, and enjoy what has to offer.

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