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Webtop.com Custom Integrations and Other Apps

June 9, 2022

Webtop.com integrates with several apps to simplify the way you manage your teams and businesses online, and to allow you to keep track of it all in one place. Here are a few of the most popular integrations together with some information on how you can enable them for your workspace (and why you should)!


Asana is a task management and collaboration platform that makes it easy to organize anything. Tasks, projects, conversations — with Asana, you can keep track of everything you’re working on. Unlike to-do lists or calendars, Asana boards are designed to break down complex tasks into smaller pieces that your team can attack at any time—without interrupting each other's flow.

Want to get Asana enabled? Click on your workspace name and go to workspace settings. From there, click on app integrations and under workspace, select enable for Asana! Just follow the next couple of steps and viola! Asana is now integrated with your workspace.

By having Asana enabled in your Desktop.com workspace, you'll be able to search for tasks in Desktop.com and manage updates and find information that relate to your projects. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage tools available today. With it, you can quickly and easily store your documents, photos, videos and more in the cloud.

To get Google Drive enabled, go to your workspace name and click workspace settings. From there, click on app integrations and switch to personal. Finally, install Google Drive and you'll be all set!

With Google Drive installed to Desktop.com, you'll be able to easily search across your entire drive straight from your workspace for any documents, files, and spreadsheets without having to switch over to the app. You’ll also be able to enjoy an instant preview when a file is shared in chat, as opposed to having to leave the chat and go to the opened document to see what it is. 


Jira is a project management tool that can be used to organize and manage workflows. Jira offers integrations with other software tools, which means you can use it to help maintain and keep your projects organized. This makes it a vital tool to install into your Desktop.com workspace.

Jira follows a slightly different setup to Desktop.com than Asana and Google Drive. To get Jira enabled, you'll first need to create a token for authentication. Head to your account settings and click on security. Next, you'll want to create an API token and copy it to your clipboard.

Afterwards, head to your workspace settings, go to workspace, and then select enable for Jira. Finally just follow the instructions and enter your API code!

With Jira enabled, you'll receive notifications when you've been assigned or mentioned in a task in Jira, and can also search for tasks through Desktop.com to review in your workspace.


MailChimp is a service that allows you to send emails to your subscribers and track whether or not the recipients open your messages and click on the links you've provided. This is a critical feature of email marketing because it enables you to better understand how many people are receiving and engaging with your content. Sounds important, right? Then let's get started with the integration.

Head to your workspace name and click workspace settings. From there, click on app integrations and switch to personal. Select Mailchimp and then sign into your account. Just enter the verification code and you'll have Mailchimp linked to your site!

Now you'll be able to search for drafted and sent campaigns in your workspace for a simplified review process.

Webtop.com: The Ultimate Tool for Entrepreneurs

Webtop.com doesn’t stop there with the integrations. Bring all your online content, tools and add custom integrations into one organized and easy-to-manage space that will save you time and clicks as you move seamlessly through your digital workdays. Instead of patching together your own tool stack (and all of your team members doing the same on their own devices), enjoy the benefits of a secure platform with unparalleled overview and smart integrations.

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