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5 Skills You Need to be a Successful Remote Worker

May 11, 2021

Over 74% of companies intend to permanently shift to remote work, for at least part of their workforce, post the pandemic.

With that, many people are having to adjust their routines and in other ways try to adapt to a new way of working. But don’t worry, it only takes a few simple tweaks to ensure you perform your best and to really thrive as a remote worker.

Take a look at our list of the 5 most important skills you’ll need to be successful when working remotely:

1. Communicative

Although every job is going to require great communication within a team, it’s especially important for remote teams. 70% of remote workers feel left out of the workplace, according to Igloo. Since you won’t be in the typical office space and can pop by someone’s desk to clarify concerns or ask questions, communication needs to always be top-of-mind. Learning when to communicate and how to do it effectively is important in maintaining strong relationships with your team. 

Tools like instant messaging and video conferencing will help streamline communication within a team. Teams can come together for projects to clarify concerns, collaborate more effectively, and have a central place where they can share information. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to over-communicate on a project, that way you and your team have all the information available. 

2. Self-Organized

While remote work has its perks like being able to wake up later or working from the couch, it can eventually wear on your productivity. Part of working remotely means being able to organize your tasks, and keep distractions to a minimum. Making this work can be a little tricky, since it involves lots of trial and error, and discovering what makes you the most productive, but without organization, remote work becomes difficult.

To find the right balance, try delegating a certain room or spot within your house where you dedicate yourself to working there. Make it a habit to do all, or at least the bulk of your work in that spot so you can train your mind to associate that with your work. This way, the rest of the home can actually feel like your home.

Remember, the digital environment is as important as the physical environment. Therefore, it’s important to utilize organizational apps and to try and keep all of your key tools and resources in one place, which will ultimately allow you to work more effectively. This also makes it easier for your team to share important information and to collaborate on projects while working remotely.

3. Collaborative

Just like communication, collaboration is a huge key in making it work between remote teams. What you might not know is that 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. As you can see, even though you’re alone, you’re still a part of a team, which means you’ll need to work well with your crew to accomplish goals. With the right tools, your team can sync up really well. 

Building trust is also an important factor in getting to know your team. Without it, projects can fall through the cracks and concerns get miscommunicated or ignored. It’s important to ask each other about details on a project, and inform everyone of any issues. Some of the best remote teams are able to work synchronously, despite the time zone differences. By fleshing out time schedules and the tools required for your team, your team’s collaboration efforts will improve drastically.

4. Adaptability

To be successful at remote work, you need to be able to adapt to new situations. As a remote team, you’ll have to constantly learn how to work with new team members, adapt to new tools and resources, manage your work-life situation and so much more. To succeed while working remotely, flexibility and a willingness to learn is key. 

Remote work means being able to set your own schedule and allow for changes to your routine and tasks. You should be able to set deadlines for yourself, manage communication between your team and be open to new tools to make you and your business grow. 

5. Self-Driven

Working from your own home means you're responsible for all of your duties. Yes, your team will still be able to help, but as a remote worker, you need to be self-driven to get the necessary work done.

Since there won’t be an office full of people to be right around the corner in case of an emergency, it’s up to you to take the initiative. Whether it’s asking questions or clarification on projects, managing your own time schedule or using the right set of apps, you will need to be your own motivator. 


By working on the skills mentioned above, you are guaranteed to become a more successful remote worker. Add the right set of tools to the mix, and your business will be able to grow to new heights!

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