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Use Case: Staying Coordinated as a Family

November 17, 2020


How long has your family computer been on? A few days, two weeks, seemingly forever? In your quest to always keep your most beloved tabs open you ignore all of the necessary updates for what seems like weeks.

You cannot turn off your computer, no matter how much you want or need to because you cannot close your browser and potentially lose its 36 open tabs. 36 open tabs, 36 links or documents that you do not want to lose.

Rather than stress about it, just save them all with and always have your favorite links and documents protected once and for all, organized on all your devices. It’s time to give your computer a break -- just like you, your computer needs to sleep a little too.

But that scenario is only for your everyday use, what if you’re planning a large-scale family event, like a wedding? Sure, you can hire a wedding planner to help but how can you more easily facilitate and keep track of the myriad of deposits, forms, and documents? What are your best options to keep everything organized?

With, staying organized is a breeze:

  • Vendor management? Create individual lists to keep track of preferred vendors.
  • Contract finalization? Virtually sign for contracts through the DocuSign app (or one of the many other legal apps supports).
  • Guest list management? Stay on the same page with your partner and update the same list through Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another text editor.

Using opens the door to thousands of apps to help you stay organized, no matter the occasion. With so many options and personalizations, is able to assist with anything from daily life to the most complex of family events.

How Helps allows your family to access, manage, and update all of the same tools, documents, and information you use, all from the same family computer.

With’s pre-populated apps, you’re able to quickly connect many existing accounts and easily access your information through a secure single sign-on. Hint: Sign-in with the main computer at your office and you rarely ever have to sign-in again.

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add a link to anything, anywhere, and rename it to best suit your needs. Whenever (or wherever) you need to find something there’s no more confusion on where to look, what document to open, or which communication tool to search endlessly.

How Works

Now that we've put forth a real-world scenario, told you about, and have your attention; here's how works to streamline your family's events and daily tasks.

1) Adding Your Links

The best way to keep important documents, critical links, and vital resources organized is through the use of Links on With the help of folders, keeping everything organized is even easier. Simply drag-and-drop links into the designated folder and it's categorized.

Fam - Links

2) Use Your Apps

Let's not forget to build out our Desktop. Browse through hundreds of different apps and add them directly to your Desktop with the click of a button. Or, you may download the new Browser Plugin, which allows you to easily import all your apps and previously saved bookmarks from your browser straight into your account (learn more about the browser plugin here!).

Fam - Add App

3) Manage Links with Folders

Trying to stay organized?  You can re-organize links within folders. Just drag-and-drop the link from one folder to another after it's been created.

Fam - Adding Folders

4) Invite Your Family

Keeping everyone in the loop is important. Adding a family member is quick and easy with the click of two buttons you're able to send an invitation email for each Desktop you have.

Fam - Add Family Member

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