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Introducing the New and Improved Desktop View

July 6, 2021

New month - new updates! has released major improvements to our platform. has been hard at work ensuring that our platform is easy-to-use and functional for all your needs. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this month!

New Desktop View

Our improved interface now consolidates all content in a desktop into a convenient single overview. By maximizing or minimizing sections, you are able to customize your view to fit your preference for each desktop - e.g. you may want one desktop with only links, only apps, or one with only chat, or any combination of the three.

Stay Informed!

Your device can now receive notifications from messages within any channel you're in. Now you and your team won't have to worry about missing important deadlines or updates on a project.

Introducing the Inbox

You can now separate normal chat notifications and workspace events from mentions. The new inbox makes it easier to stay on top of your most relevant notifications.

Check Out!

Additional Improvements

In addition to the main updates above, this month's release also includes several smaller improvements, such as:

  • Ability to create meetings that last over several days
  • Global search will now also display recent apps and links for quicker navigation
  • Users can pin chats
  • Introducing "in a call" badge next to users' names
  • Pasting a meeting link in chat will now display a convenient call card where the recipient can easily join the call
  • When calling an entire desktop, a confirmation window will appear to avoid that you or other users accidentally start a group call when they didn't intend to
  • Incoming call notice will more clearly display if the call is a video or audio only call
  • The timestamp on chat conversations will now show "Today" instead of the full current date, in order to provide a better instant overview of the most recent chats
  • Support for longer urls when adding custom apps
  • Improved handling of unread notifications
  • More intuitive onboarding flow for new users
  • New Favorites view combining favorite apps and links
  • Upgrading to Pro grants 14 days free trial

Check Out our New Video!

Our new intro video will walk you through the various parts of your workspace and the new interface. Check it out here!

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