How to adjust Chrome notification settings

Chrome notifications are intented to help you not to miss important messages, events etc. Even so, you can be distracted with them while working. By default, Google Chrome asks you if you would like to receive notifications. However, you might want not to stuck with the default settings and adjust them for your pesronal needs. Let's learn how to adjust your Chrome notifications settings

How to adjust Chrome notifications on Windows 10 or Mac:

Adjusting or completely disabling Chrome notifications is indeed same on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Mac computers

1. Open Chrome browser and click three dots button in the right-upper corner. Navigate to the Settings in the drop-down menu. If you are using Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut command, to go straight to the settings

2. Navigate to the Privacy and security on the left side, and then click Site Settings.

3. Scroll down to Permissions and select Notifications in the menu. You will see few options to disable or adjust Chrome notifications

4. First, let's adjust Default behavior settings. Here you need to decide if you want to allow sites ask you for permission to show you notifications. Select any option which works better for you:

  • Sites can ask to send notifications - allow notifications prompts from sites
  • Use quieter messaging - you won't get notifications after you ignore multiple notifications from a site
  • Don't allow sites to send notifications - block notifications prompts

5. Now you can adjust Customized behaviour and create Block list and Allow list. Click Add button to add the site to the certain list

6. Enter the sites web address and click Add button

7. You can later change the settings for these sites by clicking three dots button

 8. Select if you want the site to send you notifications or completely remove it from the list

How to adjust Chrome notifications on Android:

1. Open  Chrome on your Android. Tap the three dots in the right-hand corner.

2. Navigate to the Settings in the drop-down menu

3. Select Notifications

4. To block all notifications from Chrome on Android, toggle the switch to the right of Show notifications to the off position.

5. Alternatively, toggle the switch to on position to be able to manage your notifications preferences directly from your browser, downloads, media, and more.

6. To adjust your notification settings for certain websites, scroll down to the Sites. Here you can keep the toggle switch turned on, but allow notifications only from the sites you really want. Or, toggle the switch to off next to Show notifications, to stop all notifications from any website.

7. Tap In-app notification settings if you want to block sites to ask you for permission to show notifications

8. Toggle the switch to off if you completely want to block sites from asking you for permission to show notifications. Alternatively, switch on Use quieter messaging