Multi-Factor Authentication. How does it work?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials such as a code from the user’s smartphone, the answer to a security question, a fingerprint, or facial recognition. We support the authenticator app-based MFA method. This means, that in order to confirm your identity, you need to use one of the supported authenticator apps to generate a unique code to use it in addition to your password each time you log in

The first thing you need to do is to download one of the supported authenticator apps for your smartphone:

If you are a Workspace owner you can decide if the workspace shall force usage of MFA for the workspace members. If the MFA is activated for the workspace all users need to use it for accessing the workspace (using authenticators and one-time codes).

Please note, that before activating the MFA for the workspace, you need first to activate the MFA for your account.

If you are a Workspace member, you can activate the MFA for your account. However, if the MFA is activated for the workspace, the workspace settings will override your personal MFA.

If you have MFA disabled personally, it will be still required in case if there is MFA required for your workspace

If you activate MFA for a workspace when having linked accounts, the MFA is always registered to the main account. Learn more about linking accounts here

Learn how to activate MFA here

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