Registering a account using your Facebook credentials

Get connected! Learn the simple steps to sign up with your Facebook account

If you did not allow Facebook to share your email address with us you will not be able to signup or log in with your Facebook credentials at

How to sign up with the Facebook option:

1) Open the app

2) Click the Log In button on the top left

3) Click the Continue with Facebook button

4) Make sure, that you've allowed to provide your email address in the menu "Info that you provide" requires users to provide an email address information for the effective service functioning as notifications and resetting pasword instructions will be sent to your valid email box

5) Click the Continue as button to compete the registration

What to do if I restricted to provide my email address when signed up with Facebook:

1) Log in to your Facebook account

2) Click your account icon and navigate to the Settings and Privacy menu

3) Navigate to the Settings

4) Scroll the Settings menu down and click the Apps and websites button

5) Tick the app to allow sharing your email address

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