Productivity Global Search Feature: Explored

June 6, 2023

Finding what you need can be a hassle. From the every-growing tech stack, to seemingly limitless folder structures to mismanaged documents, half of the job can feel like you’re just hunting down information.’s Global Search function is here to solve that problem.. By searching through all of your apps, links, integrations, conversations and workspaces, the global search function takes away the headache of endless context-switching.

Here’s what you need to know about’s Global Search.

What is the Global Search Function?

Simply put, the Global Search function is a feature that lets you search across all connected apps, messages, workspaces, and integrations within your account. Rather than switching between accounts and tools, you can make fast, informed decisions straight from your main dashboard.

How to Use the Global Search Function

Using the global search function is really easy! At the top of your dashboard, you’ll see a search bar. Here, you can search for specific integrations or apps, or even start typing in the name of a document you want to look up. 

Another benefit to the search function is that you can search across different messages. Remember a specific part of a conversation but don’t feel like scrolling? The global search bar can help you locate those parts instantly. 

Why Scattered Information Harms Productivity

Scattered information can lead to information overload, which is when the amount of information to process exceeds a person’s capacity to do so. Too many files in too many places can lead to disorganization and break down a business. With an integrated global search, all of the files can be found and shared from a commonplace, which boosts productivity and focus among teams.

Try the Global Search Function Today

Using the browser extension is a convenient, fast way to streamline your online work experience. Try the search function for yourself!

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