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Customizing Your Workspace for Success

November 16, 2022

Businesses with partial or remote teams that have utilized SaaS apps over the years in their daily operations have seen dramatic growth over the past decade. There are some generalities that can be made about successful modern teams and one of them is the ability to customize their workspace to match their team’s needs and culture.

Remove Distractions

If you are trying to focus on your work, you should make sure that your workspace is free from distractions. Start off by removing unnecessary tools or software, and getting rid of clutter or other decor that might grab your attention. Starting off with a clean workspace (both digital and physical) will give you the space you need to add the items that are important for your workflow.

Add Productive Tools to your Workspace

Creating a Desktop structure is a great way to organize your links, applications, and other key online resources. You get a better overview, can separate assets by category and can easily switch between different workspaces to stay on top of it all without getting overwhelmed. Tools like are a great way to limit context switching and maintaining focus.

Start by adding relevant apps from either the app store or from your browser to your workspace.

The service also organizes links and bookmarks, so you can easily bulk-share them with your teammates. This approach involves tagging bookmarks, arranging them in a certain order, and putting them in designated folders. Using the browser extension also makes adding new relevant content on the go, straight from the browser, a breeze.

Use a Password Manager

It is imperative that you keep track of all your passwords. A dedicated password manager protects your business and your team's credentials. Using a password manager helps you create unique passwords, provides the ability to share some of them with your team members, and applies them seamlessly as you move through your digital workday.  

Consolidate Communication Tools

Utilizing one-too-many communication tools can drive anyone crazy if not properly managed. Consolidating all of those tools into one platform will reduce the headache.

With the The chat, you can create channels, custom group chats, invite outside guests to chat or create 1-on-1 chats with workspace members in direct chats. It’s a complete instant messaging and business chat that will enhance your online communication experience. also includes a fully-featured voice call and video conferencing feature. Send private messages to individual call participants, or share links and notes during the video call through the general in-call chat, and utilize Breakout rooms, emoji reactions and polls.

Easily turn on or off the communication suite for your workspace in the Settings menu, depending on your team’s needs.

Organize It All With makes it easier to manage multiple projects or businesses simultaneously. You'll keep track of things easier and focus more mindfully by organizing tools, information, and conversations into separate spaces that you can easily manage from anywhere. A global search and connected workspaces are just some of the features that make it easier for you to multitask.

With, you can finally take out the excess switching between apps or looking for information, and use that time to accomplish more!

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